Hotel Sheets…

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone has had wonderful weekend!

We had the best night last night! We had our newlywed friends, George and Ashley, over for Bison Tacos! They are fans of Mexican food so we did it up GGH style. Goodie list is below, I followed the same exact recipe that you have previously seen here on GGH.

Goodie List:

-2 one pound packages Rancher Ground Buffalo

-1 package Taco seasoning

-1 box Organic Blue Corn Taco Shells

– 1/2 cup chopped onion

-1/2 cup diced tomato

-Sea Salt and Black Pepper to taste

First cook Buffalo just like you would beef, nice hot skillet coated with cooking spray-making sure meat is cooked until brown through out. Once all redness is cooked out, add tomato and onion mixing both into the Buffalo mixture letting the get warm, once onion and tomato have softened add Taco seasoning according to package and in corporate through entire skillet. Let mixture simmer for a bit continuously stirring to make sure everything is seasoned. Add your salt and pepper in for an extra flavor kick. While Buffalo mix is warming, place taco shells onto a baking sheet and place in pre-heated 425 oven for 2 minutes to get them crispy. Remove shells from oven and stuff with meat mix, top with cheese and place back in oven until cheese is melted. Plate…..and CHOW DOWN!



Just like the first time they turned out AWESOME and there were no left overs ;).

After such a great meal and conversation with good friends I was ready for bed! Yesterday afternoon I purchased a new comforter and sheet set!!! (As my family knows that’s my obsession-bedroom stuff) I haven’t been sleeping well at all and when that happens I know it’s time for a change! Plus I lovw when you buy new sheets and you wash them and put them on and they’re like hotel sheets….is that just me? Anyway, I had the best night’s sleep!!! We all 3 slept in until 9am….love that. I washed Zachary’s sheets yesyerday too so he could have a “new” sheet feeling….guess it worked ;).

When I get a goodnight’s rest and get to sleep in I’m all happy to make breakfast for the crew! This morning I made GGH Sugarless Waffles with Vegan Chocolate Chips!

-2 Organic eggs

-2 cups Light Soy Milk, I use Vanilla flavored

-2 tsp Vanilla Extract

-2 cups Wheat Flour, or whatever you use to bake with-it’s your preference

-3 tsp Baking Powder

-1/2 tsp salt

-1 cup Vegan Carob Chips

Beat eggs, milk, and vanilla together. Combine remaining goodies and stir into batter, just until smooth. DO NOT over mix, remember they’re pancakes so some lumps are OK. Heat waffle iron to medium high-ish heat and spray with butter flavored cooking spray. Ladle batter onto cooking surface or into skillet for pancakes and allow to cook until done. If doing pancakes allow to cook until top of pancake is bubbly and will flip with out oozing.


I even sent some of these delish waffles to the hospital for my Father in Law to munch on! (P.S. he loved them)

So today it’s really not summer weather out….:( so I’m not sure what we are going to do yet. Ryan is at Fit World pumping iron while I finish up house stuff. I think I will be hitting Fit World up myself in just a bit for some cardio action!!! I’m more excited about tomorrow though because it’s Monday and that means it’s Kick N Abs with Lea!!!! I adore that class!!! I feel so powerful when I leave!!! I’m going to be living at Fit World this week! Morning class Monday with Lea, Training with Paula K on Tuesday AM, Pilates with Lori on Wednesday AM, and Power Yoga with Gary on Saturday AM!!!! Now that’s a week, plus if I can get a sitter I’m going to try and take advantage of the night classes too! Did you know that when the new facility opens Fit World will be running all types of classes all day and they will be having babysitting available?! Come on friends I can stress enough how great the prices, staff, classes, trainers and the equipment will be! Grab a friend and go join now while it’s super cheap!!!

I shall leave you now to finish cleaning up and get ready to go do Cardio! I hope to see some of you at Fit World this week, and if I don’t know you personally and you’re a follower please come find me and let me know! I love meeting new people and hearing what you think and would like to see on GGH! Have a super Sunday!

Oh P.S. Please keep sending the recipes for my Father in Law’s Brain Cancer Cook Book! I have received healthy and non-healthy and I love them all just send what you can to

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