Hot Tubs Don’t Help Leg Pain!

Good Afternoon!

Things didn’t get rolling around here until late this morning. The boys and I slept until 9 AM! I woke up first and then had to wake up the hubby and then into get Mr.Zachary. I guess that Newport sun wiped us right out. Needless to say Little Man is wired from so much sleep….so while the sleep is nice, getting an hour and half to myself while he takes a nap is BETTER.

I had such a nice night with the hubby last night. We really enjoyed the Turkey Egg Plant Casserole, so much that Ryan is having leftovers for lunch! I forgot how much I enjoyed a Rum and Diet Coke too! Of course mine was Bacardi Rum and Caffeine Free Diet Coke, but still delish. My legs were killing me so I took a quick dip in the hot tub….back feels wonderful….my legs are still killing me. I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to get through class tomorrow with Lea, but I have to! Hopefully they will get better this afternoon.

So since it’s noon I think I’m going to make a small shake and have a cup of Oikos for breakfast/lunch….or brunch!

For training I’m going to try and pedal but with wild man running around it’s looking more like that will have to wait until tonight. I currently have him occupied at the “Drive In Movie” theatre.

Hehehehehe! He LOVES the movie Cars, so I put him in his Cozy Coupe and parked him at the Drive In so I couldĀ get some work done. He seems to be having a good time.

Well I guess I should attend to the laundry now, make brunch, and get this little boy into the tub! I’m not sure what we are venturing out to do today. I need to stock up on food supplies for the week, it’s not sunny at all, and we were throwing around the idea of going to the Car Show at the Dunkin Donuts Center. Who knows…..

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, enjoy your Sunday!

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