Honey Do

The ‘ole Honey Do List.

It’s been around since House Wives/Husbands decided to put down the vacuum and start delegating! You know at one time or another you’ve left a little “note” for a roommate, husband/wife, or significant other asking them to do something (or a few somethings) to make your own life a little easier. How easy it is to look around and notice something needing a dusting, walls needing to be repainted, lawn needs mowing, gutters cleaned etc etc….

But what if we sat down and took a look at ourselves. Yes I know, not fun and who has time. But seriously take a minute to think of ONE thing that you can do now that you couldn’t do last year. It’s amazing how once you have realized what you’ve accomplished how easy it is to set new goals or improve on your accomplishment even further!

Are you wondering where this is coming from? Of course I had my own ah ha moment this morning as I was running. I hit Brayton on my own this morning to see if I could run a straight mile and half there. If you’ve been following GGH from the beginning then you know that Brayton is the reason that I was able to lose the bulk of my weight. I was thoroughly obsessed with going there from this time last year until the end of Summer. Zachary and I were known to make appearances there sometimes 3 times a day. One lap around is .30 and in the beginning it was a struggle. I talked myself into going around just 3 times that way it was almost a mile. Zachary didn’t weigh near as much last year either and it was so hard and it seemed like it took forever. I vowed that by the end of the Summer I would be able to run just the back half of the track, where the hills are, while pushing him and I met that goal. Today was the first day it was nice enough to run outside, early in the AM at least, and I drove to Brayton with a mission. As I powered up the iPhone and plugged in my ear buds my heart was pounding. I’ve been running on the tready and in my neighborhood for a while now and with decent times, but this was my Everest. Was I really going to be able to run 5 laps around this track? Really Tera a mile and half, straight NO STOPPING NO SLOWING….really? I looked left and I looked right, it was just me and the squirrels. As I took off, Cobra Starship Hot Mess (my theme song) blaring in my ears, my blood pumped and a huge smile spread across my face. Not only was I going to definitely run this track like I owned it but I was going to go faster on the back half and show the hills who’s BOSS. I conquered Everest today, and in 18 minutes 42 seconds I ran 2 miles! As I jogged back to my car it hit me that not only was I not able to do this last year, but if I could come this far what else could I do?! A million things! As I drove home little things popped into my head, and they weren’t all neccessarily “health” related. I had spent so much time this last year working on my body and my physical apperance that I have neglected to work on my inner me. And you know what she’s just as important.

It’s so easy to look at people who have come along way on their journey and think “wow, they’ve lost so much weight they must be so happy now”. I know you’re nodding, I used to say and think the same thing. I used to watch Biggest Loser and think if I could just lose the weight or work out like that I’d be so much happier. Don’t get me wrong 100 + pounds off my 5 ft 1 inch frame is AMAZINGLY wonderful, but I think some of my confidence was lost with those pounds. My mother in law says all the time “I liked you better when you were chunky” LOL. She doesn’t say it to be mean or encourage me to be chunky, she just knows that I used to be able to walk into a room and command it. Now, I have to take a deep breath, check my clothes, make sure my hair is allright and then enter the room and hope that no one sees through my smile. It seems that psychologically we change when we make drastic life changes, and that goes with any life change not just weight loss.

Oh and by the way, yes I thought of all of this on my 8 minute drive home….it’s how I roll.

So, where do I go from here? How in the heck can I top losing over a 100 pounds in a year? How can I continue to make people proud of me? SIMPLE……

RELAX! Take life for what it is, a gift! Enjoy simple pleasures, don’t worry about what people may say or think. Who cares that my stomach was bobbling as I ran my Everest this morning……I don’t care because I WAS RUNNING!!!!!!! And that’s when I decided to ask some of you what your goals were. If you could make a Honey Do List for yourself what would it say? And you know what, hardly any of you were selfish….you were general and had totally attainable goals. Goals that are in no way unworthy of going for, but none of them were selfish. I think it’s time we all become a little selfish, and here’s what I mean.

Is there a trip you’re dying to take but you tell yourself you don’t have the time or money? Why not? How come that’s not worthy of gaining a slot on the Honey Do List? What about a class of some sort, like dancing or cooking, art, pottery etc….what’s the excuse? Maybe there’s a certain someone you’ve been wanting to approach, or been avoiding….why? Because they won’t think you’re attractive, or maybe they’ll point out you’re wrong……all of you can relate to these scenarios in some way or they have put things in your mind at the forefront. Well NO MORE EXCUSES! We only have one life, and it’s not guaranteed to be here tomorrow.

Check out some of the great goals that I received today!

Holly: My goal is to be able to run 5 miles in one shot, no breaks, nothing. So far I’m at 2.

Joline: I have been doing well with my new year’s resolution but I still need to lose about 10 more and get a little more active.

GeekBabe: I vow to walk more and to replace my broken bike!

Tina: My fitness goal is to run (not walk) a half marathon in November.

Tray:My goal is to run 10km in may… i’m in training and ran 5.75km today. Wish me luck!

Gina: I’m working toward Fit by 40 this year – slowly but surely. Many other goals for the year compete with time for exercise.

InTheJoeShow:Stick to my diet and do cardio every morning.

Jennifer: I’m at the final stages of reaching my weight loss goals (within 5-10lbs) but for me I think the ultimate goal is to continue on the journey, maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to challenge my body & inspire others to do the same.

Pretty amazing, and the best part is once you write it’s not just a thought, and once you say it out loud it’s real, and once Tera posts it on GGH you have to do it!!! LOL

So, are YOU ready to make a Honey Do List of your own, for yourself? I made one and I will gladly email you a blank one for yourself! Fill it out, print it out and hang it in a special place! Here’s mine!


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Check when completed Check when completed Check when completed Check when completed
Sign up for school        
 Take a dance class        
 Read more        
 Organize Girls Night Out-once a month        
Keep blood pressure down        
 Stay off the scale        
 Eat my calories        
 Don’t worry if I go over my calories        
 Run 2 miles at least 3 times a week        
Lift more weights        
 Take NEW classes        
Take up hiking        
Workout outdoors        
Take a rest day 1 to 2 times a week        
Let them in more        
 Remind/show them how much I really do love them        

 Some of these might take more than 4 weeks and some less…..and that’s OK. Just breathe think about yourself and make it real! I want you to conquer YOUR Everest no matter how small or large, no matter how easy or difficult….just DO IT!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Friday and live life to the fullest! No excuses, No regrets, Carpe Diem! Sleep well friends.

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3 thoughts on “Honey Do”

  • Hey Tera I wanted to comment on your mission statement. I totally agree with you. I am fed up on being overweight I have to young children that I need to keep up with and it’s hard with this extra weight.When I bought the Wii for my childeren I never imagined I would lose weight with a videogame. I was so shocked that I have lost 17lbs it feels good to be able to on my old jeans that I never thought I would ever wear again. I was so excited that I could fit into them again. Thank you Tera for your encouragement.But my fear putting those pounds back on I am very carefull in what I put in my mouth now I used to take any new diet pilll that was the new hot pill. I realized I needed to stop cause I wasn’t losing and I was afraid of what was going inside my body before I kids I didn’t care but my family is so important to me and I wanna be healthy and live a long life for them and me.So I am on a mission to lose but I don’t have no goal weight I don’t know why but I just to see how far I can go.Thanks for encouragement:)

  • Great post! And wow, for an 8 minute drive home with so much thought- I think I zone out on my drive home and think about not a lot 🙂

    I think you are right about the importance of creating goals for yourself and taking steps each week toward reaching them. I guess I have the drive to work to think about what those will be!

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