Here Comes The Wagon

Happy 1st Day of Summer!!!!

So for those of you who are lucky enough to lounge peacefully in a place like up above in a bikini no less…..good for you! For the rest of us, especially the mom’s, places like above are only available in our dreams, and the bikini I swore I would wear this Summer is still at the department store. If you are an avid GGH reader then you probably already know that my 2 year old son, Zachary, was given a provisional Autism diagnoses in February. I put on a very brave face and tried to move forward as if nothing would change. However, that was not the case. We threw ourselves into a whirlwind of therapies and services, enrolled Zachary in the Groden Center 2 days a week and pardon my French, went balls to the wall. I found myself not going to the gym slowly, especially once we had Zachary participating in something 5 days a week. But that was OK because I was still running at night and eating well. And then I lost that too, I was so exhausted at the end of the day the last thing I wanted to do was run.

I then decided to jump start myself by doing a Vegan Challenge for 30 Days, and we all know how that turned out. I lost 4.6 pounds the first week, and then bottomed out. I was eating nothing I enjoyed, didn’t want to cook and totally lost all motivation. I had no energy. And it was my own fault for going cold turkey and not researching or preparing for more than 2 days. After all was said and done after my 30 Days, I was an eating machine! I have been eating foods that I hadn’t even touched in over a year. For me personally, that 30 Days was the worst thing I could’ve ever done. I stopped posting here, I stopped working out, I was mean and cranky (I was STARVING), and now I have GAINED 8 pounds. That’s disgusting!

I began feeling very sorry for myself, and the lack of energy continued. And then this weekend it all made sense. Everything that had been going on in my life was catching up with me. I needed to put the brakes on and start over. My 1 year anniversary of Girl Gone Healthy is just around the corner and I REFUSE to continue down this path. I refuse to allow myself to gain back all 100 plus pounds I’ve lost! I will NEVER ever be a size 24 ever again! I’m happy with my 10/12 size but I know I could get better and eating the way I’ve been eating is NOT the answer. So I’m asking you all to join me! I’ve seen your Tweets, read your emails, and seen the Facebook comments and I apologize for not being all I should be for you guys. GGH is such a passion of mine and not everyone around me is always going to care or be passionate about it like I am, but I need to get myself back! I need to get back in the gym 3 to 4 times a week and get active outside the rest of the days. I need to put into myself what I put into Zachary, if I don’t I will eventually bottom out totally and be of no good to him.

So friends, I want to ask you to join in me in breaking down the walls that are holding us back from being who we truly want and need to be. I am the only who can make me happy, and it’s time I start remembering that. No fads, no detox, no cleansing, no bootcamps just good ol fashion, old school GGH. I’m back and I’m comin around to take you guys with me.

I’m OK with not wearing that bikini this Summer but I’m not OK with feeling uncomfortable in the clothes I was so excited to buy just a few weeks ago!

So how will we do it? Simple, together as a team! We will hold each other accountable! I will promise to pick up on my GGH posts and come up with new recipes. If you’re ready then grab a pen and paper and write down 5 tings you PROMISE to do to get to the YOU you want to be! Here are mine:

1) I PROMISE to get to the gym a minimum of 3 days a week, and if I’m not in the gym I’m hitting the pavement at night.

2) I PROMISE to drink more water and pick up my fiber in  take

3) I PROMISE to post on GGH at least 4 times a week

4) I PROMISE to only hop on the scale 1 a week, as to keep my sanity!

5) I PROMISE to go back to my roots and eat clean, but not a crazy detox clean

Now after writing down your 5 Things post them somewhere you will see and be reminded of them everyday! they are for YOU and no one else! I would also like you to Tweet: I’m getting back on track and breaking down walls with @girlgonehealthy #healthy

That way we can put together an entire demolition team and break down those walls for good! No turning back! Doesn’t matter what you had for breakfast or what you’re eating right now! If it’s unhealthy, throw it out and tell yourself it’s ok! It’s never to late to start over and that’s what we are gonna do!

So the healthy wagon is coming…..are you getting on?!


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Good Luck!!!

2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Wagon”

  • Wow at least you have the guts to write a bucket list. I guess I feel I am too old, but I think you never really are too old. It’s just an excuse like not eating healthy. I used to think it was too much work to eat healthy. You demonstrated that it is not. Salad???? Buy it in a bag…just as easy as opening the potato chips! For 3 days I have been laying in a bed of pain with sciatica. You can do a lot of thinking there!!! Even in pain you can tell yourself well if I was doing what I am supposed to do then this extra weight might not have attributed to my problem. Thin people get sciatica too, but not often. So here goes… I promise to read GGH everyday. I promise to walk more and eat better. I promise to make a goal of getting off my Type II diabetes med. I promise to myself to feel worthy and be proud of who I AM AND WHAT I KNOW I CAN DO!!! Help me GGH…I promise!

  • Tera! I completely understand what you’re going through. Over the past 4 months I have completely lost sight of my goals, and have gained about 15 of the 25 lbs I had lost doing Weight Watchers. I have been feeling so discouraged and not feeling very good about myself, which makes me so sad because I was feeling GREAT before I gained this weight. I’ve had a really hard time getting back on track, and reading your post today really inspired me. So thank you. You can do it! I’m with ya!

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