Hemp Love

Hemp Love

Be still my heart…. Hemp Heart that is!!

Hemp Heart Pack http://girlgonehealthy.com/hemp-love/My friends over at Sweat Pink and Manitoba Harvest sent me these deelish tiny, crunchy, little seeds of goodness to review, with that being said please note that the opinions expressed in this post are mine and do not reflect that of Sweat Pink or Manitoba Harvest….. Ok so on with the non-legal stuff ;-).

What is a Hemp Seed and what do I do with it? Check it out:

New Post Featuring Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds http://girlgonehealthy.com/hemp-love/You can sprinkle it on salad, in yogurt, on eggs, in smoothies your possibilities are almost endless! And these little seeds pack quite the healthy punch.

http://girlgonehealthy.com/hemp-love/This pack lasted me quite a while as I ended just using a tablespoon or two in my morning protein smoothies. I usually try to make breakfast my most calorically dense packed out meal because it’s the only one I can control and KNOW I will get everyday on time etc…

This ended up being my breakfast everyday for a week straight!!

1 cup Almond milk, 1 cup cold water, chocolate protein powder, chocolate pb2, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds, and ice- put into blender, blend and DEVOUR.

Hemp Smoothie

If you’re looking to get your Hemp on and need some ideas check out Manitoba Harvest’s Recipe Page.

New Post featuring Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds http://girlgonehealthy.com/hemp-love/Healthy Wishes, T

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