Happy Birthday Girl Gone Healthy

It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Birthday Girl

Well technically it’s my Blog’s Birthday, but still HOORAY for CELEBRATIONS!

I can’t believe Girl Gone Healthy is 5 years old today, FIVE! I can still very vividly remember running down the hallway yelling at the hubby “I’ve got it! I’ve got it! I’m going to create a site and I’m going to call it Girl Gone Healthy and it’s gonna be AMAZING!

While the entire journey certainly hasn’t all been amazing, some of it has been filled with disappointment, anger, failures, new friends, new enemies, laziness, the desire to just stop being Girl Gone Healthy and just be Tera……but that was one of the hardest parts:

Tera isn’t Tera without Girl Gone Healthy.

For a long while I kept my “lives” separate in a way, especially when I was struggling. Sometimes I would log on here and stare at a blank page and think “who really wants to read about me running and eating chicken today?” In the beginning I definitely logged on and journaled and this was more of a place for me to just go and put my thoughts but as my audience grew, as I gathered a “following” I felt pressured if you will.

It was taking every ounce of my being to not drive through McDonald’s and binge eat a Quarter Pounder and fries.

Pressured to deliver awesome recipes, awesome photos, awesome work outs, motivational EVERYTHING when sometimes it was taking every ounce of my being to not drive through McDonald’s and binge eat a Quarter Pounder and fries. Not to mention 5 years ago there weren’t near as many “health and fitness” bloggers as there are now….I kinda became the old toy in the toy box and oddly part of me was OK with that but the other part of me wanted throw a huge tantrum and say “HEY I WAS HERE FIRST“!

FIRST magazine Cover 4/2011So where do I go from here? What is Girl Gone Healthy supposed to “stand for”? Who am I inspiring? Is anyone still reading? I know I don’t want to ever give Girl Gone Healthy up, I owe her so much! From Television appearances to the cover of a National Magazine complete with a full-page spread, not to mention all of the incredible products and companies I have partnered with in between…..all possible because 5 years ago today I decided to create www.girlgonehealthy.com

From here on out I’m just going to go back to my roots, I’m going to log on when I can and just write. I’ll share a new recipe when I have it, I’ll share my work out for the day, and as exciting as it is I’ll list what my day included…..that’s how I started and it was therapy in a way and I think I need that outlet again, and if people read it GREAT if not that’s ok too.

So Happy 5th Birthday Girl Gone Healthy! Here’s to 140 pounds lost, starting at a size 22/24 and now being a size 4/6, countless 5k races, 1 half marathon and another around the corner, weights lifted, fears conquered, goals met, and many more years of Fitness Food and Attitude!



I’m going to enjoy a Carrot Cake Cupcake today….and I don’t feel bad about….it IS my Birthday.

Carrot Cake CupcakesHealthy Wishes, T

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