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Tonight’s post is all about SHOPPING!  


No not that kind….Grocery shopping!  


There are a rare few that LOVE grocery shopping…..I am one of those few. I adore food shopping. It’s my me time, and when I can’t do it I don’t feel that everything is properly stocked. I know sounds crazy but I have always loved the market. I used to get excited when my mom would take me with her. All of the aisles so neatly stocked, the gorgeous shiny skin of the apples, the smell in the air as you make your way towards the bakery……I have always been a foodie I guess. My goal is to make you all foodies in your own right. This post is dedicated to giving you some quick and easy shopping tips, tips that are so obvious you wont believe that you haven’t been doing it all along!  

Here we go! 


The first tip is the most obvious, but soooooooo many people don’t do it:   


Every single time I run to the market with out a list….. bad things happen. For example, I forget half of what I really need; I spend waaayyyyyyy more than I should; I tend to make bad choices and don’t read labels because I’m just wandering the aisles. On the flip side when I make a list I can budget, I know that the food choices will be wise and I’m in and out in no time. I make my list according to the aisles. For instance I start at the opposite end of the meats and dairy leaving them for last so they don’t sit in my basket and get warm. However it works for you figure it out, you’ll have your own rituals in no time.  

Second, plan your weekly meals:  

Take one day during the week or weekend and plan out at least 3 to 4 dinners to prepare as well as what you’ll be having for lunch if left overs from the dinners aren’t an option. As you plan the meals, add the ingredients to your shopping list. Stick with your planned meals that way you know you will be with in your calories for at least 3 to 4 days. If you wanna really get ahead and you have the time pre-pack lunches for the week, bag and label them.  

Third, don’t be afraid of the snack aisle:  

Snacking has played an intricate part in my journey. Snacking wisely saves me from cheating, keeps me from consuming caffeine, and gives me energy through out the day. I always have my “go to” snacks that I know will satisfy what ever craving I have. For me, it’s usually a sweet craving so I always have my Shakeology, Chobani yogurt, Hummus, Crackers (special K are my fave), cheese sticks, sliced veggies like peppers for dipping, and bananas! If I know I’m going to be out for a while or on a day trip with the boys I pack a bag. When I was in the work world I always had a stash of healthy treats so I could by pass the vending machine and avoid late afternoon office coffee runs. It’s all about PLANNING!  

Let’s move on to cooking!  


Again, planning is key when putting together a great meal. Whether you are cooking for 1 or 12 you have to set a game plan in motion. Don’t be afraid to try new things or copy a recipe from a website, TV, or friend. Experimentation is the only way we find out that we actually like new things. Don’t hesitate in substituting ingredients with all natural, Vegan or Organic goods, 9 times out of 10 the dish will taste the same as the high fat version or even better as I have found time and again. If you are only cooking for yourself then just cut everything in half or make the full dish and plan on having as lunch the next day, sharing it with a friend, or even taking whats left over and making it into an entirely new dish. When I purchase a package of chicken I cook the entire package at once and then portion out what I don’t need right away. When I initially cook it up I use very basic seasonings that can be combined with whatever I plan on turning the extra portions into. And for the big finish, don’t be afraid to use FROZEN fruits and veggies. They aren’t going to hurt you. Plus, the chopping is already done, the nutritional value and portion suggestion is right on the label and as long as it isn’t covered in a sauce or glaze then it’s just fine. We are a very busy world and sometimes just having some steam in bag broccoli available helps to save the day!  


I hope these little tips will help you the next time you have to run to the market!  

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 Have a wonderful night and weekend friends!! Thanks for reading!  

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  • I love food shopping too! My #1 tip is to shop AROUND the ailes.. buy 80%+ of your food in the outside ailes (this is where it’s fresh): produce, dairy, bakery… vs. loaded with preservatives. Better yet, try shopping at local farmers markets and your local butcher, and reduce your shopping market runs alltogether.

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