Groceries, Park, A husband, And 2 new teeth!

Good Evening Friends!

Well what a day we had here in New England! So as I said earlier The Weather Channel predicted impending doom for all of this afternoon…..and it lasted for about 45minutes! Zachary was so happy to be able to play at the park tonight, as was mommy because he will sleep so good. This afternoon during the rain we ran to Target to stock up on Mr.Zachary’s food, waters, soap etc etc and I picked up some goodies for me too! I found some Emerald Nut 100 calorie packs and they were on sale for $2!!! That’s awesome because they were regularly $4. So I snatched some and a package for a snack, quite DELISH!


After a snack for me and a snack for the little man, we geared up for the park. We did a couple of laps around the track but it was so muggy and humid it wasn’t very enjoyable. So we just hit the playground instead. Zachary loves to watch other kids play. He laughs so hard and gets so much enjoyment watching others be happy. I can tell he is such a sensitive and gentle little guy, I’m gonna have to protect him from the ladies ;).

On our way home from the park the hubby called to check in and was rather chatty. That’s because he was at home and waiting for us!! Due to the holiday weekend he wasn’t very busy so he left early to come hang out with us for the night! YAY! After all of the excitement died down it was time for Zachary’s bath and as he opened his mouth to laugh I spotted 2 NEW teeth!!! They are on the bottom and they are just peeking through!! That makes 8 total teeth, 4 on top and now 4 on the bottom. So exciting.

For dinner the hubby wanted chicken and zucchini, so that’s what we had! Here’s the goodie list: (This serves 2 and makes leftovers too)

-2 bags Morning Star Farms Chicken

-2 large Zucchini

-Canola cooking spray

-Sea salt and black pepper

-I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (ICBINB)

Coat skillet with cooking spray, add chicken and cook until warmed through, remove chicken from skillet and set aside, spray skillet with ICBINB and add zucchini slices in, top with sea salt and black pepper to your liking and saute. Once zuchinni is tender remove from heat. Plate chicken and zucchini and add a sprinkle of parmesean cheese! YUM!



So friends I think I’m going to settle in with a Trader Joe’s Soy Ice Cream sandwich and hope to find a movie to watch with the hubby! Hope everyone has a FAB Friday!


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