Great Harvest…

Good Afternoon!

I was so happy to wake up to some really great new questions for next week’s Dear Tera! Keep them coming.

This morning Zachary woke up at 5am and was ready to go for the day…..ummmm NO! I walked into his room he took one look at me and promptly laid back down and slept until 8:15am! WOOO! I feel energized now after a great work out and some extra sleep. I was also lucky enough to spot a local TV “star” at the gym today, Mr. Mario Hilario!

He’s super nice and we ran next to each other for a bit!

Today’s training:

-1 mile quick walk on tready followed by a 2 mile variable run (that’s where the tready changes pace and incline for you)

– .50 mile total body level 7 (yowza) on the elipitical

I’m still quite sore from Pilates Pump on Wednesday but I do feel better now that I worked some kinks out.

While I was doing my quick walk I was on Twitter and actually learned a new fact! I follow Women’s Health Journal and they totally schooled me! I love this new fun fact: “You can lose up to a half a pound and a quarter of a percent of your body fat for every gram of fiber added to your diet.” WOOOOOOO so I was like what’s a yummy way to get additional fiber with out being like ughhhh time for my fiber. As I drove down Atwood Ave pondering I spotted Great Harvest Bread Co. I have been dying to go in!!! It was exactly what I was looking for! They have have tons of fresh baked breads and I purchased the Multi Grain 5 Grams of Fiber loaf! It’s huge and it was only $6!



I can’t wait to have a slice for lunch with some Skippy All Natural PB and an apple! Check out their site too! I will post the main site and the link to the Cranston,RI site as well.

They have a full lunch menu, coffee/espresso drinks, sweets etc….so cute great staff and you can dine in!

This afternoon it’s just me and the Zac-man. Ryan is working all weekend :(. I know we will be running to the grocery store and hopefully the park if it doesn’t rain, AGAIN.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! Now go get some fiber!

Friendly Reminders:

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