Good Day Sunshine!

What a PERFECT day! The sun is shining, there is a breeze, it’s not to hot not to cold……PERFECT!

Zachary and I saw that the sun was up this morning so wee took off for 2 AWESOME miles at the park! He was enjoying the fresh air and I was pumpin’ it. I love after you get warmed up and your adrenaline get’s going and you feel like you OWN the track…..GRRRRRR LOL :).


Busy morning since then though, laundry to get started, dishes, light cleaning, and Zachary was all pumped up from the park! I was STARVING and I’m low on fruit so I threw together a quick spinach salad w/baby roma’s and some Annie’s Lemon Chive dressing…..OH YEA! I think now while my little buddy is napping and the hubby is doing yard work I will hop on the bike and do research for my new article!! I am applying to be a JOURNALIST! And I have to write an article as part of the application, keep your fingers crossed! It will be so fun I will have an editor, my own site through their homepage, as well as journalism credentials! WOOOO, I hope it works out, but if shall be it will!

I hope everyone is having a FABU Friday, and that it is sunny where ever you are!

I shall return later with afternoon fun, and what plans I make for dinner! (Hint: I’m thinking the zoo with Zachy and maybe a shake-it’s just shake weather!!!)

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