Gluten Free Tacos?!

Happy Sunday!! Oh and if you’re tuning from the USA Happy 1st FOOTBALL Sunday!!!

I don’t know about you but this is an exciting Sunday in our house! And exciting Sunday’s usually mean beer and some good comfort food…..but if you read my last post: What the HECK is Gluten? Then you know My beer and comfort food days have to change drastically.

While I discovered that I don’t have Celiac just an Intolerance I have also discovered I have “trigger” foods. Anything breaded: onion rings, chicken fingers etc and anything dough: pizza, calzones etc even hamburger buns were upsetting my system. I did learn however that beer is not a trigger! I feel fine after beer but if I mix beer with any trigger foods I’m down for the count.

As today began to get closer I knew I needed to come up with a meal that was healthy, comforting, and was really low or totally gluten free….. and I hit the supermarket and discovered that Ortega Taco Shells are GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are a taco loving family so this is PERFECT!! And oddly enough I had been using these shells over the years and had never realized/noticed that they were Gluten Free.

I did a test run on Wednesday night to get all my ingredients just right and these were the best Chicken Tacos ever!

GGH Gluten Free Chicken Tacos:

2 cups diced chicken breast

1 1/2 cups grated cheese (I used reduced fat Mexican flavor)

1 taco seasoning packet (be sure to read ingredient list)

1 box Ortega Taco Shells

Cook chicken until done and follow directions on seasoning pack to make chicken filling. Set aside.

Place taco shells on cookie sheet and place in pre heated 350 oven for 5-6 minutes allowing them to get crispy. Remove from oven and spoon seasoned chicken mixture into shells until all shells are filled.

Sprinkle with cheese and place back into oven allowing cheese to melt. Remove and serve promptly. Feel free to garnish with tomato, slasa, lettuce, light sour cream! Enjoy.

I’m not sure if these tasted so good because I knew it was GF and I could enjoy them without any repercussions later or of they really were just that good….I’m gonna assume a little of both.

What “everyday” food items have you discovered are GF? What’s your favorite go to comfort recipe and how did you make it GF?! Comment below and let me know and feel free to send the recipe and I’ll post it, giving you credit of course, to share with everyone.

Healthy Wishes, T

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