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If you know me personally then you know I’m not shy when it comes to the bathroom and the business that goes on. I’ve been this way my whole life, and I’ve always just had the mentality that everybody does it and when ya need to go ya need to go. But as we age, yes I know I’m only 33, things don’t always flow like they used to and we need a little assistance and that’s where this AMAZING tool comes in.

Meet The Squatty Potty!! know what you’re thinking…..

“What is a Squatty Potty” and “What does it do”?

Squatty Potty ® is a, custom-designed stool allows for proper toilet posture on our existing toilets. And, it wraps your toilet perfectly, allowing it to easily store out of the way when not in use. It provides a safe, stable platform to elevate the feet and legs, allowing greater hip flexion and straightening out the anorectal angle (kink).

Squatty Potty®:
• Takes your body from continence mode to elimination mode
• Reduces straining and decreases pressure on the rectum
• Allows for complete emptying of the bowel

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So what can you win?!!

2 lucky winners will win their very own Squatty Potty 7 Inch Ecco Toilet Stool and choice of Turdle-Loo Toilet Spray!!!

7 Inch Ecco Stool

sp-ecco-2T• Economical with out compromising efficacy
• Ergonomic to allow for proper alignment for easier and efficient elimination
• Durable, built to last a lifetime
• Kid and Family approved (toddlers and kids LOVE it)
• Clean and sanitary
• Weight Capacity: 350 lbs


Turdle-Loo Toilet Spray


• Artisan Alcohol
• Naturally Occurring Enzymes
• Purified Water
• Sodium Bicarbonate
• Pure Essential Oils of: Vanilla & Lemon Verbena – or – Juniper, Cedar, Sage, Lime Oak Moss, Vetiver & Geranium – or – Lavender & Attar of Lilacs – or – Mandarin, Bergamot & Black Pepper – or – Natural Fragrance of Nag Champa.

Enter to win below!!

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16 thoughts on “Giveaway|Squatty Potty!!”

  • My son has autism and I really think this will help him to potty train because he feels the need to squat to do his business…which is understandable because it makes it easier to go. I hope I can win this for my Jackie boy.

  • I had a subtotal colectomy in 2008 (at the age of 24) and things haven’t been the same since. A squatty potty would definitely help me deal with this difficult situation a lot better!

  • I can’t believe we’re talking poop here! I’d love to give my body a break, literally. Kids, stress, diet have all contributed to medical maladies over the years like hemorrhoids, fissures, etc. I’ve read about toilet habits in third world countries and remember my husband talking about squatting in public restrooms across Europe. It’s funny that something that seems uncivilized is a million times MORE evolved when it comes to intestinal health. Potty me, girl!

  • This would help me cause I am having issues due to medication. This would also be very helpful for my son I think he needs it more than I do.

  • I would love to try one of these. Hemmorhoids leftover from childhood & a natural tendency toward constipation both mean I think it would be good for me to strain less. Plus I think it could help with pelvic floor strength.

  • I want a SquattyPotty for my husband. He has a lot of stomach issues and is constantly sitting on the toilet and has a hard time going. A product like this would definitely help him feel better and reduce his time spent in the bathroom.

  • After my kidney stone last year, which was 11 mm, I’ve literally done a healthy me makeover with the help of GGH. Squatty Potty is a part of being healthy, let’s face it.

  • Using the loo is a part of life – daily – especially when you are eating healthy amounts of natural fiber and drinking water before every meal and throughout the day! Spending hours in the bathroom “trying” to go should NOT be a part of daily life… The SquattyPotty brings back the ‘natural’ way of using the loo in our modern and overly processed world!

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