Giveaway | Boloco

Giveaway | Boloco

BolocoBoloco, AKA Boston Local Company, is making globally inspired food that’s fresh and environmentally friendly! From burritos to smoothies boloco is far from your “typical” fast food place.

Bolocco“boloco believes that even a burrito aspires. The Boston-based family of 22 restaurants and 400 team members serves globally inspired burritos, bowls, salads, wraps, smoothies, and shakes
in locations throughout New England and the Washington DC metro area. boloco’s mission is to positively impact the lives and futures of its people through bold and inspired food and practices. boloco is 2 Star Certified by the Green Restaurant Association and continually strives to improve its environ-mentality.”


I have to admit I was pretty excited to check it out after seeing the amazing options they have, and thanks to boloco, and the generous gift card they sent me, my choice was their treat! Here’s what I decided on:

The Mediterreanean Saladwith Antibiotic Free White Meat Chicken

BolocoMedSaladThis salad is chocked full of YUMMMM.

-romaine lettuce    -tomato salsa   -kalamata olives

-black bean hummus  -feta cheese   -cucumbers

-balsamic vinaigrette  -chicken

This bowl is PACKED and it is insanely good. I talk non stop and I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t be upset of I ate this every night as I was completely silent as I shoveled this salad into my mouth LOL. The only sounds were “mmmm” “OMG” and “ohhhh” it was a literal flavor party.

Of course I mixed it all up before eating so every bite had the full potential to be amazing.

BolocoMedSaladMixedBut I couldn’t just get salad when I read the words PUMPKIN SHAKE on the menu board.

BolocoPumpkinSmoothieI mean seriously…. it was like my own personal pumpkin pie in a cup and in a super cool environmentally friendly cup at that. (P.S. they have a NUTELLA shake)

Now that you are HUNGRY Boloco and I want to feed you!!! Boloco is giving 1 lucky GGH Reader a $20 Gift Card to use towards the food of your choice. Enter below!!!

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