GGH is GGG Tonight!

Yahsu! That’s how you would say Hello in Greece!

GGH went GGG tonight, meaning Girl Gone Greek! I was craving Tabouli very badly tonight so I made Greek Turkey Burgers for dinner!!! A new fave for sure.

Goodie List:

– 4 Turkey patties

– Canola cooking spray

– Sea salt and Black pepper to taste

– 1 tub Sabra Tabouli

– Whole Food’s Organic Pitas

Spray non stick skillet with Canola spray, add turkey burgers to pan when it’s nice and hot, season patties with salt/pepper while cooking, MAKE SURE patties are cooked THOROUGHLY-they should be nice and golden on each side-about 6 minutes per side on medium heat, set patties aside when done cooking.

Next slice pita’s in half and add a spoonful of Tabouli into the bottom of each pita half, slice a turkey patty in half and place each turkey half into each pita half, add more Tabouli to each pita if you’d like. Proceed to stuff your face LOL! SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!


So today it was just me and Zachary, Ryan did have to work :(. I wasn’t sure where the wind would blow us and it blew us to Roger Williams Park Zoo! Zachary, I have discovered, is a bit like his Mommy…..he’s kinda all set with animals. He was more excited to see the Harbor Seals than any Elephant or Giraffe. As a matter of fact we went back to the seald 3 times! He is an Aquarium kid… me! I love the ocean and so does my little side kick! Here’s a picture of him checking out the seals! It’s on my iPhone, like I said I wasn’t sure where the wind would blow us….and now I know I should always take the camera!

zac zoo

He loves them!

So that was our day from the Zoo and Carousel/Park to dining in Greece GGH style!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Saturday!

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Sweet Dreams! In honor of our 90 degree day…..the best looking ice cream sundae! I wish I could nibble on this!

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