Gettin’ Jiggle Free With It

Gettin’ Jiggle Free With It

See what I did with the title of this post? And now you have the song stuck in your head…. You’re Welcome 😉

Gettin jiggy wit it  Na na na na na na na nana   Na na na na nana

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ANYWAY…. I know how much y’all love a CHALLENGE and this one has been super popular in the past soooooo….It’s baaaaaaack!!! That’s right your chance to have a Jiggle Free New Year AND you can do it at HOME any time of day….. WOW! So who’s ready to get Jiggle Free?!!!

Now if you’ve done #JiggleFreeGGH in the past then you just might notice a little change starting on 1/21. Yes, you’re reading that right -I upped the game people! No messing around in the ’18 – it’s YOUR YEAR!

I know there will be questions like “What kind of plank?” or “What’s a plank?” etc…. this is a pretty straight forward and easy, but effective, Challenge. I’m a nice person so I’ll include a “move breakdown” below ;-).

Sit Up (feel free to anchor your feet- for example I wedge my feet under the sofa)


Push Up (you may certainly do them “girl style”/modified or military)


Plank (you may do forearm, military, side, reverse- pick your poison!)
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****Always check with your Doctor before engaging in a new fitness routine. If you are pregnant or have back trouble feel free to modify these movements to ensure you stay safe and healthy.****

Healthy Wishes,  Tera

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Jiggle Free With It”

  • Thanks! Yeah, the crunches are working for me, so I’ll keep doing it. I’m noticing results already. 🙂

  • Hey Girl!!!
    Sorry for the delay- site maintenance and it wouldn’t let me in :-(…
    Anyway, crunches are fine but those sit ups are killing us all lol. I don’t want you to be in so much pain you get discouraged and stop so do what works for you! I’m happy you’re enjoying the Challenge!!
    Healthy Wishes- Tera

  • I love this workout! I’ve been doing it every day. The only thing is, I did situps the first two days, then I couldn’t anymore because my stomach muscles felt like they were tearing every time I tried to pull myself up. So I substituted the situps for crunches. They work a different part of my stomach, so it isn’t as bad for me. I hope that’s okay. Or maybe I should just work through the pain?

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