Get Your Glove On….

Good Afternoon friends!

Yesterday was just one of those days where I needed to have my glove ready because I had no idea what life was going to throw at me. Zachary’s doctor’s appointment was great doctor wise, but not news wise. We have been referred to yet another specialist……ugh….I’m just glad we are getting it all taken care of while my little guy is young and won’t realize a thing :). He is such a champ!

Anyhow, I was so busy with all of our appointments yesterday that I didn’t make it to the gym :(, but I did manage to get in some crunches and a hot tub dip with the hubby. We also spent time with the in laws and family last night! They ate Chinese for dinner and I watched LOL! Zachary had fun though, he loves the attention.

So that was yesterday……on to TODAY!


-2 miles on the ellipitical

-1 mile on the tready


-weights (light sets) for arms


-Oikos yogurt w/GGH granola from Mix My Granola!



You can check out Mix my Granola by clicking on the picture to the right, and get FREE shipping! Use the code on the picture!

PLUS! You guys have been doing so AMAZING in becoming GRASS Heads that I asked Amazing Grass to extended the coupon!!!!!! So click on the picture and use the code HEALTHY at checkout! It’s sooooo worth the investment friends! The energy, the fulfilled feeling, the hunger curb, it’s Weight Watcher’s friendly, the list goes on just DO IT!

I’m also pleased to have received some awesome recipes that I will be spotlighting later on from a personal friend and loyal GGH’er…..Miss Cara Lariviere!!! Healthy EGG ROLLS!!!! YOWZA! So watch for those!

So go shop, send in your recipes and training tips! I shall see you tonight! Thanks again for all of the love and support from everyone to our family in this trying time!

Healthy Wishes!!!

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