Fully Stocked!

Good Evening Friends!!

So I used today’s rainy and cold weather to go to the market and stock us up! Zachary and I donned our hoodies and set out for Whole Food’s and Trader Joe’s!!! We haven’t been to TJ’s in a while….and they discontinued some of my fave items so I was sad :(.

Hoodie Time!



Yay Fall!

Aside from the few discontinued items we stocked up nicely. We bought tons of chicken, Chobani yogurt, eggplant, squash, artichokes, green beans, so much yummy stuff! And I purchased So Delicious Coconut Milk to make my shakes with for the week instead of Light Vanilla Soy Milk. The coconut milk was on SALE!!!! Wooooo!!

Really excited to try it with the Amazing Grass!!!

After all of our goodies were put away Zachary and I played in the living room like wild animals LOL. We weren’t able to play outside so I let him go nuts. He had a blast running everywhere and playing hide and seek….his new fave game.

He went to bed with no problem!

For dinner tonight I made Rosemary Mint Chicken Cutlets over Baby Spinach with Parmesan Cheese sprinkles….UM DELISH!


So good! Really easy to make, I will put the Goodie List below.

-1 package chicken cutlets

-1 bottle Whole Food’s Rosemary Mint marinade

-2 cups Fresh Baby Spinach

Place cutlets in large casserole dish, pour marinade over chicken and bake at 350 for 35 minutes, or until chicken is done and golden. Place warm chicken cutlets over spinach and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. MMMMMMM


Here’s another pic!

So tasty guys!

Well I’m pretty sleepy so I think I will sign off for now! Please don’t forget to keep sending recipes for the GGH Cook Book! We are still going to have it published so we appreciate any and all recipes that you send.

Have a wonderful Saturday night!!!

Sweet Dreams…..mmmm Parfaits!

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