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Happy Monday!

What a weekend! Well mostly what a Sunday LOL! If you Follow me on Twitter then you already know that I’m a Celtics fan and that I couldn’t be more excited for our win last night!!!!

And while we are on the subject of the Boston Celtics……I would just like to clear a little something up. I have been living in New England for 8 years this September. 7 out of those 8 years I have been a Celtics fan, I’m not a band wagon jumper! So Lakers fans who are being whiny and saying that because I’m from Texas I can’t be a fan…..go cry on your pillow! I hated basketball to be honest until I began dating my hubby, who by the way is the BIGGEST Celtic fan next to one Mr. Donnie Wahlberg. So Laker’s fans, don’t be babies! When you guys won Game 1 and Facebooked/Tweeted your excitement I never said a word other than good game Lakers. So grow up, get a life, and just know that the BETTER team WILL WIN!

******Stepping off soap box and turning off bull horn *******

Anyway, I received a gift in the mail today!!!!!

I was so excited to open up my package from Amy and the Full Plate Diet Team! A few posts ago, Dr.Sherard co-creator/author of The Full Plate Diet, was kind enough to do a guest post for me. I encourage you to check it out and visit: http://www.fullplatediet.org/ to learn more about FPD!

It didn’t take me long to crack open this NY Times Best Seller and begin taking notes. The philosophy is so easy! Drink more water, eat more fiber, eat fewer calories than you burn, and STOP eating when you’re full!!!!! The best thing was I saw that I was really already eating the FPD way, I just needed to tweak it and amp up my fiber! So you know what that means……GROCERY SHOPPING!

This was a fun trip because I purchased things that I normally purchase, but I was way more label conscious. I learned that certain foods I was always eating were pretty fiber filled, but if I just took time to read the labels I found the same sort of product by a different company that had MORE fiber! So I gladly filled my basket with fruits,veggies, grains, beans and yummy whole wheat treats!

As soon as I came home it was snack time for Zac and I, so I immediately whipped out the fiber.

This little plate of goodness gave me 6g of fiber! The crackers offer 4g of fiber per serving (4 crackers) and are only 115 cals! It was so filling and held me over until dinner time!

Dinner was also a fiber filled feast! Check it out!

Yep we had PIZZA!!!!!! And man was it tasty!

GGH Meets FPD Fiber Pizza:

-1 whole wheat pizza crust

-1 can garbanzo beans (drained and rinsed well)

-1 small jar marinated artichoke hearts

-1 package thin chicken cutlets

-3 roma tomatoes (sliced thin)

-fat free feta cheese crumbles

-dried basil, sea salt, and garlic paste (tsp each)

First begin by following the directions for whatever crust/dough you choose. We are thin, crispy crust kind of people so I rolled my fresh dough out thin, and baked it “naked” with EVOO at 425 for 15 minutes until it was bubbling and crispy. (Then set aside)

On to pizza toppings!

In large non stick skillet, saute chicken until golden brown. Top chicken with dried basil and sea salt, allow to cool so that you can cut into bite sized cubes.

In your same skillet, combine your jar of artichokes and can of garbanzo beans. Allow mixture to simmer and the beans to soak up the artichoke marinade.

Once skillet is at a nice simmer, turn down heat, remove artichokes and leave your beans in. Add your garlic paste to the bean marinade mixture, and stir. Place beans into food processor.

Pulse beans until they become a thick paste, almost hummus like.

This will be your pizza “sauce”!!!! Set bean paste aside.

To assemble your pizza:

*spread bean paste all over cooked pizza crust

*place tomato slices on top of bean paste

*place artichoke pieces amongst tomato slices

*sprinkle chicken over the top

*lastly sprinkle with feta cheese crumbles and put under oven broiler until toppings are bubbly and melted together


This pizza was filled with fiber!

-Crust: 6 grams

-Artichokes: 2 grams

-Garbanzo Beans: 12 g

That’s awesome and it tasted INSANE!!!

So why all this fiber talk?!!!!! Because I wanna give you some FIBER!!!! Not only did I receive my own copy of The Full Plate Diet in the mail today, but I also received an extra copy to


Yes it’s giveaway time!!!!!!! Here’s how YOU can win!

1) Sign up for the The Full Plate Diet E-Newsletter http://www.fullplatediet.org/

2) Become a Fan of The Full Plate Diet on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/FullPlateDiet and follow them on Twitter http://twitter.com/fullplatediet

3) Visit http://www.fullplatediet.org/recipes/ and choose the recipe you would cook up using your new Fiber knowledge.

Here’s the kicker though……to enter you MUST be a Fan of Girl Gone Healthy on Facebook and Following Girl Gone Healthy on Twitter! Each option above gives you 1 entry, for bonus entries Tweet about my giveaway:

I just entered to win a FREE copy of The Full Plate Diet from @girlgonehealthy and @fullplatediet

OR Make the contest your Facebook status!

Please comment on this post and tell me about ALL the ways you entered! Enter as many times as possible, open to Canada too!

Good Luck!!!

And for ONE last way to get 3g of fiber PLUS a full days servings of fruits in veggies in one 8oz shot visit: http://myshakeology.com/esuite/home/girlgonehealthy Get YOURS today!!!!

Healthy Wishes, Tera

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