Fruity Meal, Haircut, Shopping, & Date Night

Good Morning Friends!

I hope the weather where you are is super summer fantastic……..not so much. It’s overcast and cool out. I guess I should be happy that it’s not sweltering like in my home state of Texas, but a little sun would be nice.

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Today’s activity line up is SUPER AWESOME! Let’s start with breakfast. I guess I am in serious need of summer because I was craving something fruity and cold for breakfast, thus the Fruity Meal was born! This shake is soooooo good. While I left out the Fresh Spinach, which I thoroughly enjoy, it’s super thick and very filling!

I used:

-1 1/2 cups Light Soy Milk

-1 package frozen blueberries

-1 package frozen strawberries

-1 frozen banana

-1 overflowing scoop of Chocolate Amazing Grass


Remember the frozen fruit packages that I use  are the Target- Market Pantry brand individual pouches! They are portioned out perfectly. I did have to use a couple of extra pulses to get everything smooth in the blender, but it’s thick-creamy-and cool! Just what I wanted!! I also had enough to make Ryan a mini Fruity Meal to go alongside his Organic scrambled eggs and 2%Mexican cheese all cooked up in Earth Balance Vegan Butter. See I told you….we dabble in EVERYTHING!




So now I’m just going to do some straightening up, get showered and then I’m off to get my haircut at 12pm! I’m super excited!! I haven’t had my haircut in forever and I’m seeing one of my favorite gals Sammie! I will be going to get beautified at Deko Salon in Cranston! Deko is a friend of GGH and they will be coming up with some AMAZING salon specials for GGH followers ONLY! Exclusive discounts on haircuts, facials, and massage packages-FINGERS CROSSED :)! So be on the look out for that!! Check out their services at

 After my new do is complete we are going to go shopping for a new top for ME because tonight is DATE NIGHT!!!! I informed Ryan that I have to have a new top to go with my new hair!! I will be back this afternoon before we go on our date to show off my new goodies, fill you in on lunch and a work out if I can squeeze it in. Today might be my off day instead of Saturday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

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