Friends, Party, Baseball, and SUNSHINE

Hi Friends!

I trust all of you are having an enjoyable 4th of July!! I’m hoping that you’ve enjoyed the food you’ve nibbled in moderation :).

So the hubby ended up with the WHOLE day off!!! I was so excited because that meant we were able to go down to North Kingstown for the Winpenny Party!! It was so amazing! The sun was out, we were surrounded by great friends and some delicious, and tempting food. I nibbled on tons of veggies/salad and consumed about 4 bottles of water. They had an array of fruits and veggies, pizza trays, meatballs, sausage and peppers, taco salad, cupcakes, Boston creme pie (OMG), cookies, brownies, romaine salad, chicken, and melon balls…..all of that was like times 10!!! Soooooo much food and the drinks…..beers, cocktails, waters, tea, juice, margaritas…..MMMMM. After the buffet was well down to nothing, all of the boys decided they needed to play some baseball. Zachary and I settled in on the grassy hill and boy did we get a show. It’s amazing how at almost 30 these boys think they are still 12 LOL. It was fun though and Zachary was clapping for his daddy and Uncle Jay.





So now we are home, Zachary is PASSED out from all of the excitement, and we are waiting on some fireworks!! We can usually see some from our front yard so let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’m gonna go get out the lawn chairs and I think I will indulge in an MGD 64 lite beer! For those of you GGH’ers who follow Weight Watchers, MGD 64 beers are only 1 point PER BEER! WOW!!! That’s really amazing for an alcoholic beverage. Please be safe tonight friends! Don’t drink and drive, and please don’t use fireworks if you’re intoxicated or not sure how to set them off properly!!!

Happy 4th, see you in the AM!

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