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I learned quite a bit about myself this past Saturday at Better Bodies RI, as did my fellow 21 Day Challenge friends I’m sure. I learned how many jumping jacks I could do in 1 minute, how many knee strikes, how many burpees, how long I could hold 3 different types of planks along with many other forms of torture such as push up’s, squats, high knee runs etc etc etc…. And this was just the Fit Test that happened BEFORE class began LOL.


Oddly enough the exercises that I thought I would dominate were actually not so great and the ones that I thought I would suck at, I.E. burpees, I surprised myself with. One thing is for sure you’re never finished with your journey. Just because you lose a certain amount of pounds or reach a goal doesn’t mean you’re finished or at your peak fitness level. I basically crawled to my car after class on Saturday and I’m pretty sure my right calf is so sore that it’s going to hurt for the rest of my life, but that test made me realize that I have to KEEP GOING.  I can’t stop, I can’t be satisfied, I have to beat those numbers the next time the Fit Test is given, I have to make the scale move in the RIGHT Direction, I have to finish that Fit Test and say “What’s Next?” I’m worth it, the soreness is worth it, and the results I will gain are TOTALLY WORTH IT.

You can find out more about Better Bodies RI by visiting their website and checking them out on Facebook! Owner, and Head Trainer, Cathy Epstein will take the time to answer any questions you have and set you up with a Program that’s right for YOU and YOUR needs. I encourage you to spend $1 a day and join the 21 Day Challenge, you won’t be sorry!


Healthy Wishes, T

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