Fit and Firm-BURNS

Ummmm……every single one of you reading this post should enter the Fit and Firm in 4 Weeks giveaway or visit and purchase your own for $18.95!

I completed Day 2 today and I am BURNING! This program is designed to teach you the beauty of circuit training and the ability to shed fat and gain muscle tone. I honestly thought this was going to be fairly easy for me…..I was wrong! I have been training and working out HARD for a good amount of time now and this program is still kicking my boo-tay. It’s perfect for ALL fitness levels and the convenience of having the cards with detailed pictures makes it easy to know exactly what you need to do. I have been using the program as a filler if you will. I have my “usual” classes that I take and Fit and Firm has taken the place of my “cardio” days where I typically just put in a run. Well no more “cardio” days, I’m burning fat and getting strong. I love being able to waltz into the free weight section and “handle my business” just like the boys. Let me give you a run down of today’s boot camp!

-Bench Dips

-Tricep Kick Backs in Static Lunge

-Overhead Tricep Extensions w/Plie Squats

-Scissor legs in “V” position

Scissor Kick (4)

-Plank Hold on elbows

After all of that twice through it was cardio time! Resistance Intervals on the elliptical…..20 minutes of burn and sweat!

Think you might wanna kick your own butt like this!!!! Yea you do and here’s how!

Fit and Firm…in 4 Weeks!” is a 4 week workout program designed to help you tone muscles, reduce body fat, and improve heart and lung fitness. The 5 day a week workout series is designed in easy to follow, “take with you” cards, so you’ll know exactly what to do when you get to the gym. (An $18.95 value is yours FREE! )

A total body transformation is all yours in just 4 short weeks! Imagine a whole new body right there in that little box! You wanna win?!!!

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Thank goodness I ate a yum-o breakfast before hitting the gym!

Whole wheat 100 calorie English muffin, peanut butter, and a sliced green apple! Quick and filling! I put in over an hour at the gym between Fit and Firm and lifting weights with the hubby and not once did I feel hungry, dizzy, or “low blood sugar”-ish!

What’s your fave go to high energy breakfast?!

After all of that sweating not only did I need a shower but I needed protein! Fir lunch i whipped a nice egg white omelet and washed it down with some coffee!

-6 tablespoons Egge Beaters All Whites

-few sprigs of fresh cilantro

-small bunch of green onion chopped

-1 tsp bacon bits

-sprinkle of asiago cheese, salt, and pepper

Cook eggs, cilantro and onion omelet style. Hit the omelet with cheese, salt, and pepper. Allow to cool and enjoy!


Starbucks iced coffee, skim milk, and 3 Stevia in the Raw=YUMMMMMMM

For the rest of the day I cleaned, folded laundry, played with my little guy and Daisy….and went shopping for Zachary’s second birthday party! We decided on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the theme! So excited!

It’s 4 weeks away, I can’t believe he’s going to be 2! Where did the last year go?!

I was on my own for dinner tonight, the hubby had class late, so I enjoyed some left over Spicy Moroccan Soup! (See post titled: Spicy for recipe)

So warm and tasty!

Think I will sign off for now, time to work on PR stuff for Elaine B. & Co.

Have a great night!

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