Feeling The Strain….

Good Evening!

Happy Hump Day to ya! I hope that everyone had a terrific day whether it was at work or play. Our days seem to be creeping together. My Father In Law is really in need of some serious comfort prayers, and my Mother In Law needs strength. She is quite possibly the bravest woman, I don’t know how she does it. I appreciate your patience and understanding in me not being able to post more than once a day, Thank You.

Sooooo……let’s re-cap the day!!!

We had another HOT one today in New England! It’s to bad all of this hot weather is here in August though, I’m usually getting excited for Fall by now. I adore Fall! We don’t have the official changing of the colors for Fall in Texas. It just goes from 90 to 88 LOL. I love that first morning where you wake up and everything is alive with golds, crimson, and shades of burnt orange. GORGEOUS!

Not to mention the smell of the air and the desire to make cider and cozy up on the couch. I could go and on…..but anyway :).

For breakfast I had a Blue Banana Shake, I will list the goodies below.

Blue Banana Shake:

-1 cup Light Vanilla Soy

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

-1 frozen Banana

-1 package frozen Blueberries

-1 huge handful of fresh Spinach

Combine in blender, blend, and enjoy!


This shake is super filling and will tide you over well into the afternoon.

I had tons of errands to run this afternoon so Ryan took advantage of having some Zachary time so I could get everything done. I grabbed a Chobani Peach Yogurt in between destinations and then made a small spinach salad with tuna when I got home. If you haven’t checked out Chobani yet and you’re a yogurt lover…..DO IT! Yoplait-shmo-plait you’ll never go back to regular yogurt ever again!

I had to make a late Fit World run again today :(. I was sad to miss Pilates with Lori this morning, especially since I have perfectly pedicured toes! We had the roofers back again this AM and by the time I had everything all settled around here class was over. I did however get in some treadmill time! I am loving running to PCD “Hush, Hush” such a great song. I was also feeling a little B. Spears action today as well….do I sing out loud Fit World? If so just let me go!! You’ll get an Ab work out laughing at me! I can sing all of the words to Circus! Just ask Lea! When it comes on during Kick N Abs class I get all catty and give looks to the mirror like all eyes are on me in the center of the ring just like a circus. (Side Note, Lea if you never noticed me doing that before I bet you do now LOL)

If you want to see me put on a free concert and work out for FREE check out Fit World’s 7 day pass! Plus when you walk in there are blue prints and pictures of all of the new equipment Fit world will be providing. Go try out what I like to call the Wii Bike! It’s so not working out if it feels like a video game!

Go to http://www.fitworldri.com/freeTrial.html and print your coupon today!!!


For dinner this evening I indulged the hubby with Mexican! We had GGH Chalupas! Goodie List is below!

Girl Gone Healthy Chalupas-

-6 wheat tortillas cut in half

-1 bag Morning Star Farms Chicken Strips

-2% Skim Mexican Cheese

In large skillet heat chicken until warmed through, following bag cooking directions. Set chicken aside once it’s done. For the tortillas heat olive oil in saute pan until hot enough to “fry”. Place tortilla halves in oil until golden flipping to ensure both sides crisp up. Once tortillas are done top with chicken and cheese, continue until all tortillas are “fried” and topped with chicken and cheese. Place chalupas on cookie sheet under broiler to melt cheese, plate and enjoy!


So now with a full belly I am settling in to watch a new episode of Ghost Hunters with the hubby. I love Jason!

I hope you all have a wonderful night! If you follow me on Facebook you know that last night I made some delish Pineapple Cupcakes! Be on the look out for the recipe soon!!!! Speaking of recipes……did you send in your recipes for the cook book?! Send any and all to tera@girlgonehealthy.com

Sweet Dreams!!!!

Friendly Reminders:

Follow Girl Gone Healthy & Fit World on Twitter and Facebook!!!!  Girl Gone Healthy

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