Feel Fabulous Fall Challenge

First, Happy Halloween!!!!



Now let’s talk about tomorrow, Candy Hangover Day-AKA November 1st! I’m not judging you I’m going to have a little Halloween Treat or 2 myself, I’m not perfect nor am I “above” allowing myself a little treat…… that’s why I work out ;-).

BUT, I do know that today is the only day I will indulge and tomorrow is a new month…..and the start of The Holiday Season!!! I want to be ready for The Holidays and I want to know that I’m going to be able to LOOK as amazing as I know I can FEEL. I want to stay on track and continue on my weight loss journey, so how do we do that? A CHALLENGE OF COURSE!!!!!

Starting tomorrow, 11/1, through Wednesday 11/27 I will be cleaning up my eating BIG TIME!!! My eating is already pretty good, no bread-no starchy veggies (potatoes, corn, etc)-no soda-limited coffee, no dairy other than my once a week greek yogurt, etc….

However I do drink beer, I do indulge in the occasional sweet treat, I sometimes don’t eat enough in a day (that actually happens more than I’d like), I don’t drink enough water, my fruit and veggie intake hasn’t been to stellar, and I need to just reign it all in. So for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving I’m pledging to eat 3 meals a day that have a lean protein as well as a serving of veggies, I’m going back to making smoothies in the morning filled with fruits and green veggies, I will have an afternoon snack so that I’m not starving at dinner, and I will drink a minimum of 64 oz’s of water, and the biggest one of all….. NO BEER!!! AHHHHHHHHH that’s going to be the most difficult one, I L-O-V-E beer.

So who will join me?!!! If you’re in share the picture below along with the link to this post and let’s clean it up!




Healthy Wishes, T

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