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Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS?! Today is that day for me…..these types of days are just such a Debbie Downer ya know?! I ran my pa-tah-tootie off at the gym this morning, I’m really enjoying my guest pass…so worth it. I also joined a group of girls doing ball crunches and Namaste yoga in the stretching room, usually after all of that I would feel incredible but I walked out and felt like I was waddling out LOL! I know, especially as a woman, that we all have these days thanks to hormones and water weight and that I’m not as huge as I think I am. I did have my weigh in this AM and I’m down 2.2 pounds for the week bringing my total weight loss to 82.2 pounds WOW!

You may be wondering what I will be doing to celebrate that….and the answer is simple, I’m making a spaghetti dinner LOL. I know I know I just said I felt huge, but I’m feeling very carby and if I don’t give the feeling what it wants, in moderation, it will be vicious. I haven’t had pasta since January…..I’m ready :). I found a really great Wheat Pasta at Whole Food’s, I looked at EVERY box and this is the absolute healthiest one! Lowest fat, cals, and carbs…YAY! Plus I’m making homemade Tomato Basil sauce and throwing in some Morning Star Farms “Beef” Crumbles……with imported Parmesan Cheese on top!!! YUM-O the hubby will be so surprised! Plus, they had the Rosemary bread he likes so I picked up a very FRESH loaf for him :). I love making a dinner like this, and here’s why. I get all excited and cook and cook and cook and then when it’s time to eat I’ve worked so hard to create it I end up not eating near as much! I swear it works! I remember my mom and grandmother’s slaving away in the kitchen making beautiful dinners for everyone and then sitting down and maybe eating half of a plate. I never understood that until I had to cook for holidays, my family, and our friends. It’s a great eating curb though, so plan those meals!

For breakfast this morning I had a Fresh Peach with a Oikos Honey Yogurt (heaven) with some official GGH Mix My Granola mix on top! So filling and fresh, perfect before my trip to the gym. I liked it so much that it was my snack for this afternoon too, minus the peach :).


My training today included:

1 mile run on tready, 1 mile quick walk on highest treadmill incline at 6.0 speed….holy cow that’s a work out!, Ball crunches, Namaste yoga for 15 minutes-various poses, and I’m planning a mile tonight at the park with Zachary and ball crunches before bed time! I will lose this last 30 pounds if it kills me!!!!  It’s a slow process but don’t you worry weight I will get rid of you!

So with a good training day I don’t feel so bad about my spaghetti dinner! I will take pics for you Food Porn lovers!

I hope everyone is having a Super Sunday!!! See you tonight!

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  • We have ALL been there, girl. Keep your head held up and know you are doing an amazing job! 82.2 lbs is incredible. GREAT JOB!!! And not only that, but you are inspiring people and doing wonderful things with this site. We thank you for that!! Go enjoy your pasta. By the way, I know exactly what you mean about cooking and then not wanting it. That happens to me ALL the time when I make cakes. :)Have a great night.

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