Family Fun Day!

Happy Saturday!

Today was my favorite kind of day. No set plans, all housework/laundry done and the entire day ahead. For someone who is such a planner, overly organized, and a tad bit obsessive compulsive about getting things done……I need a day like today. My day wasn’t micro managed it was just filled with fun, laughter, and shopping with my guys. I did visit Fit World this AM though. I’m feeling extremely F-A-T lately. I fell earlier in the week de-icing the driveway and busted up my elbow and entire left side of my body pretty good. I was kind of sore the day after but I hit Fit world Tues, Wed, and Thursday…..I might have overdone it. Yesterday I threw in the Pilates here at home….let’s just say it’s caught up with me. So my visit today was for pure relaxation! I just tanned…..ahhhhhh

It was incredible laying there in the warmth of the bulbs while the wind howled at 20 MPH outside, with the temp topping out at 32. Not where I was though!! There was a warm glow and a nice breeze and it was quiet. Nothing but my breathing and the hum of the bed. I typically use the stand up but I was so sore that I figured laying down in the heat might do me some good. After my “vacation” I continued my heat therapy with a super hot shower and awesome Lavender Mint shampoo/conditioning treatment a la Paul Mitchell.

After all of that self indulgence and knowing I was going to have a blast with my two fave guys, I was a new woman! We jumped in the car and headed up to The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley in Millbury, MA. So fun there! Tons of shopping plus a HUGE Target! We shopped all over and lunched at Red Robin.

I had one of the new salads!!!

Of course dressing on the side, and because of the yummy goat cheese I used hardly any! I sipped a nice iced tea with lemon and downed a glass of water too! (I have to get my water intake back up!) Everything was super tasty and the wait was only 10 mins, which was shocking considering how packed the shopping center was.

All in all a lovely day with my hubby and adorable son!

Now I’m listening to the Celtics game and about to organize my Holiday cards to send to all of YOU who sent me an address! Sending and receiving fun mail makes me Merry!

Speaking of being Merry…..

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Allrighty then my tea kettle is whistling away! I’m making hot apple cider to sip on while I write! YUMMY!! Have a wonderful Saturday! Be sure to watch my boyfriend Taylor Lautner host SNL TONIGHT!!!!

 Don’t forget the check it out tab!!!


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