Family Friendly Snacks | Skinny Pop

Family Friendly Snacks | Skinny Pop

I’m super excited to share this Post with all of you today inspired by my friends over at Skinny Pop! Check out this great list of Family Friendly Snacks and I’m pretty sure you’ll be pinning these recipes for later.


Kid (and Adult) Friendly Snacks | SkinnyPop

If your house is anything like mine, getting kids (and some adults) to eat healthy foods can be a bit of a nightmare. Mealtime is one battle: it’s the mastered art of parents everywhere to sneak vegetables into a pasta dish or the middle of a grilled cheese sandwich. But snack time is when things get tough. With all the colorful, sugar-packed snacks out there, it can be impossible to convince your little ones to reach for an apple instead of a pop tart. Here, I’ve compiled a list of foods that are both delicious and healthy, so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your kids!

  • Apple Chips – Take a fresh spin on packing fruit for lunches or snacks and satisfy a crunchy snack feel with baked apple chips. Slice an apple into ¼ inch sections, place on a cookie sheet to dry overnight, pop them in the oven at 200 for an hour and enjoy! Soak the apples in lemon juice or simple syrup to give them some more flavor as well.

  • Trail Mix– Either store bought or homemade, a mix of dried fruits, nuts and treats is a good option in moderation. More than a serving can pack a lot of fat, but the protein and nutrients in a serving size are perfect for some midday energy to keep your kids focused.

  • Fiber-rich popcorn – popcorn (made the right way) is full of fiber that will help keep your little ones full and energized long after snack time. Skip the chemical-filled options and choose healthy SkinnyPop bagged popcorn for a snack your kids can grab on their way out the door and you can feel good about.

  • Cheese sticks– easy to pack and fun to peel, cheese sticks are perfect to send along with your kids for a nutritious midday snack! From mozzarella to cheddar, there are options for everyone and you might as well send your kids something they love and will help them grow strong.

  • Homemade granola bars– pre-make a batch of delicious granola bars full of oats, nuts, dried coconut or fruit to give your kids a kick of protein and a serving of fruit that is fun to eat. Try the recipe listed here and tweak it to fit you and your family’s taste!

  • Homemade frozen yogurt– A treat everyone loves, control how much sugar your kids consume by making frozen yogurt at home. Made with only healthy ingredients, your kids won’t believe you are encouraging them to eat ice cream for a snack!

  • Celery with peanut butter– The perfect combination of crunch and creaminess makes this a great snack that kids actually want to eat. And the added protein and vitamins are a snack parents actually want their kids to eat! Get creative and add some raisins, or keep it original for a great snack that’ll keep your kids full and energized all afternoon.

  • Frozen grapes– A simple and fun new way to eat fruit, put grapes in the freezer overnight. Make grapes feel more like a treat by serving them as dessert. Whether you prefer green, red or purple, they are all delicious and refreshing served frozen.

Ultimately, the varieties of healthy snacks are endless if you get creative! Any mix of nuts and fruits will pack a kick of nutrients and vitamins into your kids’ day without the fuss over eating “boring” fruits and vegetables. What healthy snacks do you feel comfortable feeding your kids/family?

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