Fall Into Fabulous

It’s that time of year again…..FALL CHALLENGE TIME!

So many people have the mind set that Summer is over so we can eat a little more and work out a little less and that’s so not the case. Ya can’t wear skinny jeans tucked into a fab pair of knee high boots. or a gorgeous wrap dress again with a fab pair of boots, or belt a sweater if ya have extra flab! Fall isn’t hibernation time, it’s a time to detox and clean and prepare for the newness of Spring.

So how do we do this? Simple the same way we do Spring cleaning we’re going to do Fall preparing. With cooler temps ahead there is NO excuse to not get outside and be active. From walks at night to getting your yard all decorated on the weekend, there are so many options. Plus you can go to an orchard and pick apples, they are usually hilly and quite large, so make a day of it and think of the apples you collect as healthy souvenirs.

I do this Challenege every year and it usually pushes people to get ready for the Holidays, especially when I tell you that there are only 87 days until Christmas!!!!! Yes that’s right 87 days for you to get looking fab so the kids don’t mistake you for Santa if you decide to don a red sweater ;).

So we are going to call this one #FallFab11 so when communicating and sharing on Twitter and Facebook please use that hash tag! Every morning starting tomorrow I will post a Challenge, it might be physical, mental, or have to do with diet choices- but it always be different! Please let all of us know when you have completed your Challenge and how you accomplished it.

If you are interested in participating in #FallFab11please either Facebook or Tweet me the Following:

I wanna look Fall Fab #FallFab11

That way I can keep up with you, introduce you to other challengers, and aid you in staying on track. I invite each of you to think of a goal you’d like to achieve within the 87 days and share it with everyone! Your goal can be dropping pounds, stop snacking, no more soda, working out more, whatever….just make sure it’s something you know you can do!

I’m excited to start yet another journey with all of you!!! And I have included some yummy Fall treats to help you get started just click on the link below for a Pumpkin Muffin recipe as well as a yummy Pumpkin Mousse!


I look forward to looking fab with all of you!

Healthy Wishes, T

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