Fabulous Fall

So most people don’t really see the Fall as a time to get healthy. I mean you wear jeans, cozy sweaters, adorable coats and vests complete with hats and scarves. No one is gonna be seeing you for months right?

Are you nodding in agreement?

Ok stop nodding….

Fall is a danger zone for a healthy lifestyle! I mean come on all those festivals filled with kettle corn, warm ciders, apple pies THANKSGIVING……(commence nodding).

You have to keep that Summer frame of mind friends! Don’t stop the work outs, keep them going! make friends with a space in your house and your iPod-get some weights-yoga ball-maybe a yoga mat and work out inside while the wind howls or the snow falls. Hang up a cute Summer dress or maybe a swim suit you’d like to get into someplace you’ll see it daily. While everyone else is gulping hot cocoa, keep chugging that water! That way when Spring comes you won’t be scrambling. You’ll be ready to shop, and shop some place new mind you, and looking super cute!

How are we going to do this you ask? By doing a repeat of last Fall…..it’s CHALLENGE time!!!! Last year we did several Challenges through out Fall/Winter and several of you lost significant amounts of weight! This year’s CHALLENGE will be 91 Days! All of September-October-November!

Are you ready to have a Fabulous Fall?!!! Just fill out the form in the side bar (bottom right) and PLEDGE!!!! I will receive your info and log it! The form takes 2 minutes and you won’t regret it! I had people DOUBLE the amount of their Pledged weight loss! People who Pledged a 5 pound loss dropped 10 some even 15 pounds!! Let’s do this-let’s get Healthy-LET’S BE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Healthy Wishes, T

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