As I scrolled through my Tweets this afternoon I noticed quite a trend among my fellow foodie/health/weight loss/fitness bloggers. They were all a buzz about being Exposed. Today is the one year anniversary of Mishe from Eating Journey creating a healthy beautiful movement titled Exposed. Her selfless post and amazingly brave photo sparked 60 plus other bloggers to Expose themselves.

After debating all evening as to if I really wanted to put myself out there half naked and a long arguement with the hubby I decided to do it and we comprised on my attire. I was ready to go gun ho bra and undies but he said unless someone was paying me 1 billion dollars that I’d have to cover it up, regardless I’m glad I did this. So here we go….



As the hubby snapped the pics I felt so HUGE and so uncomfortable. I kept thinking that it was a bad idea but as I loaded the pictures on to my laptop this feeling washed over me. I have lost 110 FREAKING pounds! The girl above can do way more than the girl that started this journey on 12/23/2008, and you know what she can do even more than the girl who was 100 lbs down on 12/23/2009! That body pictured above is:

-A size 10/12

-Wears a medium shirt

-Can shop for clothes with the word petite on the tag

-Can teach an hour of high intensity cardio classes

-Can play tag with my 2 1/2 year old son…..and not have to take a break when I’m it

-Can stand in front of my husband with out being embarrassed for the first time in our entire relationship

-Can do 60 reps with 10 pound weights with out stopping and perfect form

-Can proudly sing a long to Baby Got Back and know Sir Mix A Lot was talking about me 😉

-Can breathe

-Get out of bed

-Can run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes

-Can post these pictures and know that I’m a real woman that has a husband who thinks I’m beautiful

I’m so glad that I did this, that 265 pound girl is long gone and for the first time I can actually see the new me. I invite all of you to do this, whether you post it or just take the pictures for yourself it’s incredible!

Healthy Wishes, T

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