Excuses are Weakness

How many of you don’t like being told that you CAN’T do something?

Every time you make an excuse to not take a step in a healthy direction you’re basically telling yourself that you CAN’T do it. Think about it…..”I don’t want to go the gym because I’m tired”, “I don’t feel like cooking or grocery shopping because I had a long day.” Either of those sound familiar? Of course they do and we all do it and sometimes it’s OK and life happens but it’s when we allow it to be a vicious cycle of “can’ts” and “don’t feel like it” and the all time number one “I’ll start tomorrow/Monday”.

Stop doing it to yourself!!! Change your attitude! Make this your mantra!!!

Get up get moving and take that first step! Clean out those cabinets and that fridge, don’t allow the temptation to be there. Make it a point to plan your meals and have plenty of healthy/responsible food choices on hand. In case you didn’t know I have an entire recipe tab right above where you’re reading…..take the recipes USE THEM!! And below is my favorite go-to for calories burned reference, start using this and your mind set will change.

You simply enter your weight and an entire list of activities comes up! From folding laundry to riding a horse to Zumba!! Check it out: http://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/cbc

I also LOVE this!

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Friends I urge you to not let another day go by and allow yourself to slip farther into the barrel of excuses. You owe it your family, friends, people you love but most importantly and the number one person you owe it to is YOU.

Healthy Wishes, T

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