Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a nice one, enjoyed the sunshine. But the best day was TODAY!! Not only did I get to chat with Kristin Steede from Biggest Loser Season 7, but Mr. Donnie Wahlberg of the world famous NKOTB is now Following me on Twitter.

But it doesn’t end there……my chat with Kristin led to her surprising me with the most AMAZING news! She will be sending me the GORGEOUS dress by Tadashi that she wore at BL Season 7 Finale to wear at my brother in law’s wedding next month! EEEEKKKK I’m so giddy, and I can’t even wait to rock this dress! I hope I can rock it 1/2 as well as Kristin! In case you’re wondering here’s what the dress looks like:

OMGosh!!! So stoked! AND because she is so super awesome she has also agreed to do a Q & A session with all of YOU! Kristin is an open book friends, so send me your weight loss, work out, and Biggest Loser questions! Please send to: girlgonehealthy@hotmail.com subject Question for Kristin! I’m really excited to have the inside scoop on whats really happening on the ranch!!

So since my day was awesome and I was on cloud nine, and feeling stress free I thought it would be nice to set up a giveaway for ONE of you to feel the same way! My lovely friends at T Spheres are going to provide one lucky GGH reader with a set of their Perk Up mini T Spheres! Check it out!

They were nice enough to send me this very set and they have already saved my life TWICE! I’m prone to severe severe migraines and having a 2 year old I have NO time to be laid up in bed. These tiny little wonders relieved my headaches in under 15 minutes! I used them on the pressure points shown and rubbed some of the oil directly onto my temples, and BAM no more headache. I also rub them on my calves after a long run at the gym.

Now on to the fun part…..HOW TO WIN!

I want to know why T Spheres would be PERFECT for you! Comment on this post and tell me why you need T Spheres to relieve you and also that you are now Following T Spheres on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tspheres Fairly stress free way to win huh?! Just comment and Follow! For more info on these amazing little gems visit: http://www.tspheres.com/ The celebrity names alone are enough to make you want them ;).

Onto the HEALTHY portion of the post! We are still at the start of my latest Challenge, 89 Days! Today makes 82 days until 4 th of July, and with one week down I am happy to report that some of you have DROPPED significant amounts of weight. This is truly going to be one HOT 4th of July! It’s not to late to join the Challenge either! Simply comment on this post with your commitment to healthy living/eating and excercise ensuring you look your very best by the 4th of July!

And remember if you need a work out program, supplements, or just a good swift kick in the arse, you can check out my alternate site! http://teambeachbody.com/girlgonehealthy  Sign up for a FREE membership and I will be your Personal Coach! PLUS you’ll receive emails that include work out tips, meal plans, and recipes! AND you’ll have access to the hottest products on the market! From P90X to ChaLEAN Extreme I’ve got what YOU need to look amazing this Summer! So stop talking about it and head on over and sign up NOW!!!

Have a great night friends!!! Remember to eat breakfast, snack wisely, and get ACTIVE! Healthy Wishes!!

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  • what a cool giveaway! I need to win this prize because I am about to boil over! I’m writing final exams this week…so i’m living and breathing nursing textbooks. add to that stress the drama of selling a house! imagine how crazy it is to keep a house impeccable while living with 2 kids, a dog and a husband! lol oh but wait! i’m also PMS-ing!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    I think the Tspheres would be great for me! I could *try* to take a few minutes to myself and de-funk. I just dont get much time to relax!
    i’m now following them on twitter!!
    thanks for all of your support!!!!

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