I am posting this evening with a very heavy heart. I apologize for being MIA but things with my Father In Law are taking us down another path now. While I wish I could share all of the details with you, I just can’t right now. I will be giving an update as we find out more and get him settled and comfortable in this next stage. I do ask though that you all continue to send your prayers, thoughts, cards, flowers, everything you’ve been doing for me and for Ryan and his family….PLEASE DON’T STOP! These things may seem small or trivial but they really help us get through. Now more than ever guys, I am BEGGING, PLEADING etc….for you all to send recipes. My window of time has grown even smaller than before and I have worked really hard on this. Please just take a moment to send something and tell a friend to send something.

I’m so thankful for all of you here on GGH. You are truly my outlet and support, my own personal cheering section. This site/business keeps me going and especially right now. It’s my time to be selfish, and vent, and I love you all for allowing it. I’m really hoping I can make it to Fit World tomorrow, I NEED it. The staff and the members are so great I just need to feel that power right now. I will be attending Yoga on Saturday morning though come Hell or high water! I definitely need some Gary!!!

If you are available for a work out tomorrow, let me know!!! Follow this link and let’s meet up!!

Go to http://www.fitworldri.com/freeTrial.html and print your coupon today!!!

I had to cancel my early AM training session with Paula K and I’m super depressed about it. I just didn’t know if I could make it there at a particular time….I’m so sorry Paula!! I heart you though!

So guys I think I’m gonna go have an MGD 64 and call it a night! Please continue to think of us, send recipes send recipes send recipes! PLEASE!

Sleep well friends…..

Friendly Reminders:

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