Don’t Ever Run Out Of Pita…

Good Afternoon!

I’m STARVING! We soooo need to go to Whole Food’s like NOW!

Anyway, this morning began with Kick N Abs class with Lea. As always INCREDIBLE! If I could go to a class with her 5 days a week I would lose 10 pounds a week! I drop 2 pounds every time I take a class with her.

This morning pre-class I grabbed a Strawberry Oikos yogurt, no granola, and a huge glass of ice water w/lemon. And training of course was class.

For today’s activities we are running all of the errands that we missed yesterday and then hitting up the park tonight. Ryan has class so Zachary and I will be having our park date alone. But no worries because the hubby and I are going out for a dinner date with friends later tonight. I’m so excited we haven’t had a date night in 2 weeks, and he is going to leave class early tonight so we can go, ssshhhhh….

We are dining with Jay and Desiree at Eleven Forty Nine, YUMMY!!!! I’m already imagining what I will nibble. I’m thinking Panko Salmon but who knows.

I’m off to wake up my gorgeous little man, then snack time, and then errands errands errands!

I shall see you later tonight for a dinner re-cap!

Happy Monday!

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