Doctor’s Orders…

What a crazy couple of days!

If you tune into GGH daily, which you should ;), then you know I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning that I was “excited” about. I have to say I was expecting a pretty clean bill of health being down 100++ pounds and all…..not so much. If you remember a couple of weeks ago I had a fainting spell, and if you know me personally you know I have been feeling a little blah lately. I spilled the beans to the doc, and she took some major action. Not only do I have to have like 15 vials of blood drawn next week, and take a huge break from the gym (only 3 days of working out this week as opposed to my usual 5 to 6) but I had to wear a Holter monitor for my heart from yesterday morning at 10am until this morning at 10am. Not gonna lie, I’m vain and that thing did NOT go with any of my outfits. The hubby thought I should take pics but I said no way and deleted them. I had to keep track of absolutely any activity I participated in and write down my bed time, plus wear it to the gym this morning during my work out. When I got home I kept thinking about one thing the doctor said, “Thank God you lost all of that weight!” When I questioned her she basically said the rate I was going at, had I not lost it I would either be very sick or dead. I was extremely un-healthy. I can’t even wrap my head around that. I reflected a lot yesterday, looked at a lot of pictures and if there was ever time I was proud of myself it was yesterday. If you are over weight, unhealthy, or whatever START TODAY! CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Don’t wait, you can do it!!

So I was feeling like a robot in my high tech get up so the hubby took me out last night to see Valentine’s Day! What a great movie! Totally NOT just a chick flick, go check it out when you can!

P.S. Taylor Lautner and Bradley Cooper………………..HHHHHOOOOTTTTTTTTTT good lawd! Oh and I’m not a fan of Grey’s but holy hot doctor!


After all of that hotness I needed a cool drink so we swung by Avalon Martini Bar in Cranston! I didn’t have a martini, I had a diet soda, and we chatted and watched the Rookie/Sophomore All Star Game! So fun, early night, but so fun!

This morning I really wanted to give the heart monitor a run for it’s money so I did Day 3 of The Gym Coach’s Fit and Firm in 4 weeks! I was a sweaty mess and I bet that monitor will have a story to tell! I did 20 minutes of hardcore cardio-Hill Running and then mixed weights. Crazy workout that Day 3! Check out and purchase your own personal 4 week boot camp!

And in addition to getting ripped and toned in 4 weeks, we still have Pledge 20 going on! I missed last weeks weigh in but when I weighed at the doc I was down 4 pounds! So I’m gonna go with 2 last week and 2 this week ;). Not bad not bad! AND I was happy that she told me that once I get this weight off I should be fine for my age, bone structure and lifestyle! I think I will be ok too! I’m feelin’ pretty good! How are YOU doing with the Pledge?!!! Check in with me….some of you aren’t answering emails! You know who you are ;).

After they gym I came home to goodies waiting for me on the stoop! From the lovelies at Somersault Snacks! I just want to say that this was the most adorable package EVER! Take a look!

Look how cute the actual snack is! Of course I went for the CHOCOLATE!!

This little nugget was pure BLISS!!! I adore this product! Please Follow them on Twitter and tell them I sent ya! and become a Fan on Facebook

Absolutely adorable and you just want to SMILE while snacking! Now that’s a true sweet indulgence!

Since I received such a lovely gift I was in the mood to do something for the hubby! So I surprised him with a V-Day smorgesborg a day early! I whipped his fave dinner, Chicken Tacos and Steak Wraps, AND made him a heart shaped cookie cake! I never said I was awesome at writing with icing, so don’t judge me LOL!

Chicken Tacos:


-8 chicken cutlets, diced

-box taco shells

-1 onion diced

-1 package seasoning either taco or fajita-anything with a Mexican spin will do 😉

-2% Mexican cheese

To start cook up chicken and onion until well done. Add in seasoning according to package directions or to your own liking if doing from scratch. Allow seasoning and chicken/onion mix to mingle in skillet getting nice and thick. Once chicken is nice and thick from the seasoning spoon into taco shells, top with cheese and pop into pre heated 425 oven until cheese is melted.Remove from oven and plate up! (Cooks note: my taco shell box suggests warming shells in pre heated 425 oven for 3 minutes before filling and re-warming. Follow the directions on your box they will taste better!)

Steak Wraps:

-4 small sandwich steaks, sliced into strips

-4 wraps/tortillas

-2% Mexican cheese

-Taco seasoning

In large skillet cook up steak until done to liking, add in spice according to package directions. Allow steak to simmer a bit in the spices. Once done, spread a tortilla/wrap onto work surface, top with cheese, then a few steak pieces. Roll up and slice, serve warm!

I enjoyed 2 of these de-lish wraps and washed it down with a huge bottle of water!

Now onto the hubby’s dessert! He’s sooooo lucky that he can eat WHATEVER he wants! (I’m jealous, but hey if it wasn’t for GGH he wouldn’t have lost any weight!)

Valentine’s Cookie:






Anyway, now I’m off to watch the NBA All Star festivities and pack for VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m pretty excited about where we are going on “vacation”. We are road tripping to Atlantic City! I wish we were going in warmer weather because I’ve never been, but the hubby is on vacation so it’s somewhere to go!

Wahwhoooo! We head out early early Monday morning, and it I can’t wait to get away with my guys!

I hope you all have a wonderful night and a super special Valentine’s Day! XO!

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