Dear “Abby”,

Tonight’s post will pay homage to one of the greatest advice columnists to ever grace journalism, Abby Landers. I receive so many emails and comments with Questions and I just don’t have time to sit and answer them individually when they come in. So, GGH world we will play Dear Tera once a week so that I may address any and all questions that you may have! As always ALL names and locations will be kept private and I will only post your question.

Here We Go!!!

Q: How many meals do you eat a day and when do you stop eating for the day?

A: Great question, and I receive it often. I actually don’t eat a set amount of meals in the day. I eat when I’m hungry and I make sure it’s something healthy and fulfilling, that way the hunger is satisfied and prevents over snacking. As far as my eating curfew, I don’t have one. However, I do make sure that I don’t eat a huge meal late at night if I can prevent it. With our world today many of us can’t sit down to a 5 or 6pm dinner and that’s OK. Just make sure that if you do have to eat late at night that it’s a light meal accompanied by water. Science has proven that eating late meals won’t make you fat, there is no eating curfew. Just manage what you consume!

Q: Do you care more about the distance you run or the time it takes you to run a certain distance?

A: I’m all about the distance. I have never been a runner nor will I ever be. A 5 minute mile is not in the cards for me, but I have actually run an 8 minute mile….once :). I care about the distance and my stamina over my actual time.

Q: Do you eat REAL meat?

A: YES! I have posted about Texas Roadhouse date nights! I love a good steak cooked to perfection…mmmm. However, I’m not a huge fan of pork. I do love chicken, beef, venison, etc….I grew up in Texas and we LOVE meat so it’s something that has always been a part of my eating lifestyle, I do choose free range items when I can though.

Q: I have stomach issues and I find that dieting doesn’t help at all….any suggestions?

A:YES! Friends I am not ashamed to say that I lived in the bathroom. As my hubby and family can atest when we went out to eat we stayed after the check came because I would have to run to the bathroom. I was diagnosed with IBS and I’m proud to say that I no longer have that problem! Just by changing the way I eat and cutting out coffee I am a whole new woman. I also use my Amazing Grass to aid in the bathroom issue, once I started making Monster Shakes it really became a thing of the past. I also choose low sodium items, no Chinese food, no fried foods, no drive thru etc….just by making those slight adjustments you will see a difference.  

Q: Do you still eat dessert?

A:YES! On occasion though. My desserts now consist of a Soy Delicious Ice Cream Mini Sandwich, Eddy’s Coconut Bars, or a cup of yogurt with granola. Any of those now satisfy me. I am a sucker for sweets, hence the sweet dream treat every night, and I believe that in moderation or as a reward do it up. Just make sure you can control it.


So…..that was fun! I will be doing 5 questions a week so if you have something to ask please send it in to Dear Tera LOL.

I hope that these answers helped those of you who were addressed.

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And as always, have Sweet Dreams! Lavender Creme Brulee…..ooooooooo

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