Day 9, Still No Call, But I Did Cardio….


Day 9….I’m trudgin’ on. I am so impatient! I do realize somewhere very small and very far in the back of my mind there’s a little voice telling me that Ellen may NEVER call to put me on her show. But I have to shut her up because I want it so badly!!! It’s only been 9 days out of the 100 I gave myself and I thought for sure by now she would’ve called to chat and ask what I was having for dinner. I also thought that this last chunk of pudge would fall off if I put “pressure” on myself to be held accountable by 100’s of readers…WRONG!!! I have lost 2 pounds….TWO POUNDS! Yes that’s good in 9 days especially with all of the family stress and the damn danish tray at West Valley Inn, but come on. I do know that 2 pounds is a normal healthy weight loss for someone who has already dropped 85 pounds but it’s just irritating….does anyone else out there feel that way? Or like my hubby says, “nope just you”.

Well anyhow, she didn’t call but I went to Fit World and busted out some cardio! Before I hit my Star Trac tready I noshed on a Myoplex Lite Crisp bar, YUM!


Great energy source for my 5K loop! After my loop I hopped on the “Wii Bike” as I like to call it and did a mile on that. I love to try and “run” people over with my bike LOL. Great stress reliever! Check these bikes out! This is from the Expresso website!!!

And here’s what it looks like when you pedal!!

HOLY COW right?!!! I can’t wait until the new facility opens and use this all of the time! You have 30 days to lock in the Phase II price of $18 a month! Plus with all the media attention Fit World is receiving you never know who’s going to show up!! (wink wink)

Check out Fit World for FREE using the pass below and take advantage of the Phase II pricing! You’ll only have to work out in the current location for 30 days so it’s worth it!!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

So now I am off to scrounge up lunch and blow dry my hair…..dunno know why I’m worried about my hair not like Ellen and her camera crew are coming over or anything ;).

Have a Terrific Tuesday friends!!


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