Day 8, Why Hasn’t Ellen Called Me?

Hello Friends!

I hope that you all had a pleasant Monday. The end of my Monday was HAPPY because the roofers are DONE!!!! YAY!!! Now we can move on to the next projects. Those guys were just annoying the hell out of me. They ran out of insulation TWICE today and left twice for an hour each time….on top of their 15 “needed” breaks. Ok sorry I’m done with the rant :).

Anyway, so um I thought for sure today Ellen would be emailing or calling me to say “Oh hello Tera I’d like to put you on the show for December!” Yea….she didn’t call :(. I really need your help guys!! Share all of the wonderful comments you leave me with her, let her know how much you LOVE GGH!

So after all of the laundry was folded and put away Zachary and I took off to Target to buy him a new rug for his room! It’s the All Around Town rug, so cute!

How fun is that?! I’ll take a pic of him on it tomorrow!!!

For dinner tonight I went with an old fave, Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burgers! MMMM. I cooked up a patty a piece for the hubby and I, placed it over fresh spinach leaves with sauteed mushrooms, green onions, and Parmesan cheese. I also had some left over pita chips from the other day so I tossed a couple of those on the plate :). Sooooooo delish and super easy!


Yummy right?!

I’m now plotting dessert after I wrap up with you lovely GGH’ers! I’m thinking that my choice will double as the Sweet Dream treat!

Please continue to send in recipes for the cook book, it’s coming along really nicely. I’m hoping to have it ready for purchase by November. Nice stocking stuffer huh?!

Allright I’m ready for dessert now so I shall wrap it up! Keep sending in your 100 Day Challenge ideas too, I love reading them. You guys totally inspire me to keep going!

Have a wonderful night, and Sweet Dreams! Skinny Cow Vanilla Truffle Bars!!! MMMM only 100 calories too!


Nite Nite!

Ellen Fun Fact: Ellen DeGeneres became an author in 1995 when she penned the comical, “My Point… and I Do Have One.” The book climbed to the number one slot on the New York Times bestsellers list. It also stayed on the “Publishers Weekly” bestseller list for 24 weeks.

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