Day 74-Partners

Good Evening!

I would like to talk about something that many of us take for granted in life, PARTNERSHIPS.

When you hear the word partnerships, what comes to mind?

-Business partnership




Some of the above words may or may not come to mind, and you may be rattling off even more, but what I want to focus on tonight is the importance of having one or many. I had my monthly meeting with the Queen of Fit World today: General Manager Cynthia Pena. I love meeting with Cynthia for so many reasons, not just because she is my friend but because she’s REAL. What you see is what you get, and luckily what you get is someone who is going to go that extra mile to do whatever she can to make you happy and successful. A meeting with her is unlike any other business meeting, it’s a freedom hour. I’m free to express my feelings, thoughts, and I can cry and laugh with her. This wonderful woman, who is a wife and mom of 2 lovely ladies, puts her heart and soul into running Fit World. She generally cares about each and every member and their satisfaction with Fit World. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone but she’s gonna damn sure try. I’m proud to have a partnership with a business that puts integrity and success at the forefront. Thank you to my other partners in health: Amazing Grass, Mix My Granola, Stevia In The Raw, and ProBar-you guys are AWESOME and I’m proud to be affiliated with you.

But business partnerships aren’t the only ones that can make you successful. Your marriage or relationship is a partnership and being on this journey to a healthier lifestyle, support is needed without a doubt. If you don’t have someone in your corner being your cheerleader, let me know-I’ll be your cheerleader. When I began this journey last December my friends and family kind of laughed it off, like yea ok another diet. But, once I really got going my hubby jumped on my bandwagon and pushed me to keep going. He let me know how proud of me he was, and once I was brave enough to “show off” my slowly changing body others jumped on my bandwagon and began cheering me on as well. Don’t take that for granted, sometimes when it’s the people closest to you it can sometimes be expected, don’t expect or demand it-appreciate it.

The last partnership I would like to touch on, is the partnership with your gym or trainer. It;s so important to find a work out buddy to keep you accountable, or if you can find a trainer in your price range-sign up. You will gain so much more from your work out experience if you have some one to share it with. Someone to lift you up and tell you to keep going and that they’re sore too. Find someone you can trust and be open with when it comes to your struggles and your triumphs.

Be thankful for the wonderful people in your life, and tell the negative one’s to bite it!

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Gobble Gobble Gobble!!! Turkey Talk time!!!!!

Tonight we are talking side dishes! If you are willing to go the extra healthy mile this Holiday then these recipes are for you. So quick and easy too! Enjoy!

Roasted Brussel Sprouts: ( I was not a fan of B Sprouts until I tried them this way!)


-1 to 2 pounds Brussel Sprouts (not frozen, either fresh or thawed well)


-2 Tablespoons minced garlic (Iuse the pre-minced jar kind)




-1 Large onion diced

-Sea salt and Black pepper


Begin by spreading EVOO on a foil covered baking sheet, cut sprouts in half and place cut side down on sheet. Once sprouts are on sheet, and evenly spaced, drizzle EVOO across the top followed by garlic, oregano, rosemary, parsely, diced onion, and top with salt and pepper to taste. Place in pre heated 425 oven for 10 minutes, remove-shake around and place back in oven for additional 5 to 10 minutes or until onion is golden and sprouts are slightly blackened. Delish!

Not So Mashed Potatoes:


-Several large heads of  cauliflower

-1/2 cup (1 stick) I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

-3 Tablespoons Parmesan cheese

-splash of skim milk or non flavored light soy milk

-Sea Salt and Black Pepper


Begin by steaming cauliflower until extremely soft. Using potato masher, combine butter, Parmesancheese, salt and pepper; begin to mash. Use milk if needed to make cauliflower creamy and potato like. Top with extra Parmesan cheese if needed.

There ya have it! Two very quick, very healthy Thanksgiving side dishes. (On a side note, my family still doesn’t realize I use cauliflower….and hopefully they won’t read this post 😉 LOL)

To close out tonight I want to let you local GGH’ers in on a Fit World Holiday Event!

On Monday December 7th Fit World will be hosting a Toys For Tots Holiday Extravaganza!

Come join us as we bring in the Holidays and support our community! Bring the kiddos because a special guest will be appearing at 5pm…….HO HO HO!!!!! Yes it’s SANTA!!!!

There will also be a special Group Fitness Event:

5:30pm Spin Class w/Parker

6-7:30pm Holiday Master’s Class Showcasing Fit World’s Amazing Instructors

and as if the Master’s Class wasn’t cool enough…..

Special 1 HOUR Holiday Yoga Session w/Gary at 7:30pm

Fit World Member’s are encouraged to bring a guest provided the guest bring s a NEW and UNWRAPPED Toy for donation. Members, Toy Donations are Welcomed and Appreciated! I will definitely be there with the hubby and Zachary, and I will certainly be attending the Master’s Class!!! So mark your calendars now!

Whew….what a post! I think I will sign off for tonight Friends! Thank you as always and don’t forget to check out the GGH busy Board below for exciting activities!

Night Night!

Check out and print out your Free 3 Day Trial Pass! Tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya!

Time to refresh your memory on some GGH projects we have going on and let ya in on my newest venture/idea!

1.) GGH Inspirational Card Mailing: I want to start this ASAP, if you want to be involved email me your MAILING address by Wednesday Night!

2.) Cook book recipe submissions: I am starting to work on the GGH/Brain Cancer Research Cook Book again. Email me any fun, fresh, healthy recipes that you would love to have published. Your name will be next to your recipe and a portion of the sales profits will go towards GBM Brain Cancer Research in my Father In Law’s name.

3.) Wellsphere People’s Choice Healthy Blogger Awards: Voting is open until December 15th! Please VOTE everyday, follow this link:

Ok so now for yet another project I would like to tackle on top of everything above and trying to get on Ellen…..

I would love to start a monthly Girl Gone Healthy Impact Award. You guys as GGH Nation will nominate a woman in your community, on the web, in your gym etc…that is making a healthy impact and difference in the lives of others. If you guys would be interested let me know and we will start it in December.

Thanks so much for reading and for your support as always.

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