Day 71- Cardio & Turkey Talk

Happy Monday!

This morning I hit Fit World for Fit Physique with Jen, AKA Princess AWESOME! (She always shouts AWESOME right before she kicks your booty LOL). Fit Physique is a TOTAL BODY WORK OUT…..when I saw total body I mean even my eye lids are sore. I love when I am able to make it to this class, it’s such a sweat dripping, heart pounding packed hour. I can feel the inches melting away. Fit Physique is the hottest new celebrity workout! Elements of weighted body sculpting, cardio, and ballet based toning exercises, will make you sweat, and burn like you have never burned before. You CAN transform your body!!! Of course Fit World would have this…you can’t have a state of the art facility and not provide the most cutting edge classes. If you would like to check out Fit Physique or any of the other amazing body transforming classes at Fit World…..YOU CAN…..for FREE! Check out the awesome 3 Day Trial Pass, trust me you’ll only need 1 Day to know Fit World is the place to be.

Check out and print out your Free 3 Day Trial Pass! Tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya!

 I will be attending Zumba tomorrow morning with Bernie! You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy this hot, Latin inspired workout. You will have a blast while you learn classic Latin dance steps like the mambo and salsa. You will be shaking your hips, and burning the fat in no time! Adding weights and/or core exercise, will leave you feeling stronger, too! Come join me!

Also on Fit World’s Class Line Up for tomorrow Tuesday 11/3:

Total Body Sculpt w/Sharon at 6:30am: This class is total body weight training at its best. Every angle of every muscle will be targeted and worked to the max!

Group Cycle w/Jen at 9:30am: AKA Spin Class

Group Cycle w/Lori S. at 12pm: Spin

Step N’ Sculpt w/Jen at 4:30pm: This class will use weights, bands, balls and mats to sculpt your body into tip-top condition, while the step portion will get your heart pumping!

Group Cycle w/Parker at 4:30pm: Spin

Formula 1 w/Jen at 5:30pm: Just like a finely tuned racecar, your body will only change when you throw some unexpected twists and turns to your workouts. Instructors choice! Bootcamp, intervals, circuits, etc…. High intensity fat burning! No matter what the instructor chooses for that day, you will work hard, but feel accomplished, just like winning a race!

Group Cycle w/Gary at 6:15pm: Spin

Butt & Gutts w/Lindsay at 6:30pm: This 45 minute sculpt/tone class focuses on the glutes and abdominals. Your booty will be a little higher, and your abs on their way to a six pack, in no time!

Power Vinyasa Yoga w/Gary at 7:15pm: Performed in a heated environment. This heat warms the muscles and joints, and helps the body open and detoxify. Vinyasa Power Yoga is a vigorous flow of sun salutations, standing postures, balancing poses and backbends that works to strengthen, open, and tone the body. Classes move at a consistent pace, which benefits your heart and circulatory system.

Use your Free 3 Day pass and try them ALL!

We have lots of exciting projects in the works!! Happy to start the card mailings this week, that will be so great to hear about the joy you guys are going to bring one another. I LOVE it! And tonight starts Turkey Talk! We will be talking Thanksgiving from now until Thanksgiving Eve! I may leave you with a recipe, a cooking tip, maybe a tip from you guys who knows but it will be fun and informative! Let’s get started!

My first tip is going to be stuffing/dressing! This is such a pivotal piece of Thanksgiving dinner, next to the actual Turkey of course. This recipe can be modified to your families liking and is VEGAN friendly!

Girl Gone Healthy Thanksgiving Dressing:


1 pound whole wheat bread, cubed ( I use Arnold’s Bakery Light Whole Wheat-See Pic)

1 pound mushrooms, sliced
1 large onion, sliced
1 head celery, sliced-Use EVERYTHING, leafy bits to, they have tons of nutrients
3 tablespoons minced garlic (I use the minced garlic in the jar)
1 tablespoon dried sage
2 teaspoons dried thyme
black pepper
1/2 cup white wine
veggie broth or low sodium chicken broth from my non-vegans
sea salt if you need it

-Sautee all the veggies in white wine, I do it in batches, too much for
my biggest pan.  Add herbs to veggies.  Cook til veggies
are tender but not limp and mushrooms become slightly firm.
-Mix veggies with bread cubes.  Slowly add broth to make it all
moist but not soupy, you know, just right -light and fluffy.
Bake covered about 30 minutes, uncover and bake 15 minutes more.
-Serve with gravy of choice.

How easy is that?! SUPER and it’s yummy! I even add dried cranberries to mine and it’s super delish!

So that was the first installment of Turkey Talk! What did ya think?! Feedback is always welcomed. You can also leave a comment in the box below.

I hope everyone had a fabu Monday, and that your Tuesday is marvelous. Don’t forget about all of our projects, and always check the Friendly Reminders for coupon updates!! Good Night!

Time to refresh your memory on some GGH projects we have going on and let ya in on my newest venture/idea!

1.) GGH Inspirational Card Mailing: I want to start this ASAP, if you want to be involved email me your MAILING address by Wednesday Night!

2.) Cook book recipe submissions: I am starting to work on the GGH/Brain Cancer Research Cook Book again. Email me any fun, fresh, healthy recipes that you would love to have published. Your name will be next to your recipe and a portion of the sales profits will go towards GBM Brain Cancer Research in my Father In Law’s name.

3.) Wellsphere People’s Choice Healthy Blogger Awards: Voting is open until December 15th! Please VOTE everyday, follow this link:

Ok so now for yet another project I would like to tackle on top of everything above and trying to get on Ellen…..

I would love to start a monthly Girl Gone Healthy Impact Award. You guys as GGH Nation will nominate a woman in your community, on the web, in your gym etc…that is making a healthy impact and difference in the lives of others. If you guys would be interested let me know and we will start it in December.

Thanks so much for reading and for your support as always.

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