Day 66-Wellsphere Awards


I would like to start out by Thanking each and every one of you who have voted for Girl Gone Healthy in the Wellsphere Healthy Blogger Awards. I would love to win this contest, especially being a fairly new blog on the health blog circuit. If you haven’t voted yet you can do so by following this link:  or clicking the Wellsphere Vote box to the right (in the green box). Thanks in advance for all of you going to vote right now ;).

Of course after you vote you have to come back and read the rest of tonight’s post. So while you go vote the rest of us will just have discussion time until you come back……OK for my comedy readers, let’s test your knowledge…..

” I’m thinking of a tawpic” ……”Chickpeas”…..”Nor a chick or a pea”……”Discuss”……

Linda Richmond, Coffee Talk on SNL!!! Tooooooo funny!

Ok so welcome back to all of you who were busy voting and telling Wellsphere why you LOVE GGH!

These past couple of days have been a whirl wind. Zac has had tons of appts, I went to Zumba and kicked my own arse, I had to write a last minute filler article for RI Mag…..the Celtics started….I have had insomnia….whew, I’m exhausted all over just typing about it.

So that is whats been going on in a nutshell!

Now that we are all caught up….How have you all been? Hows the Challenge going? Thanksgiving is just weeks away here in the states! Don’t worry I have already been prepping Turkey Tips to help us all reign in the FEAST temptations. I’m so proud of the weightloss numbers you guys have been emailing! Keep up the tremendous work.

Let’s talk about the newest installment in GGH fun, the Inspirational Card Mailing List! I have received a few responses but I would love to have tons more. Let me just give you a brief over view of what it’s about, and if you are interested you can join the F-U-N!

OK so the card mailing list is really simple and I think it will be super fun. The idea is to send out 5 cards to 5 different GGH’ers. The card can look anyway that you’d like it just needs to be fun and include a message from you. The message can be anyway you want it, make it your own. However, it needs to be inspirational and uplifting. We are all on this journey together. So the mailings will be a nice surprise and possibly come at just the right time for someone, you can always be a daymaker. Your card could arrive in the mail for someone who is thinking of giving up and just reading your words of encouragement will turn that around. You will also include additional addresses in the cards that you send so that the recipients will be able to continue sending on the cards, and if you could add that they need to continue the chain in your message that would be great!
(Also if you could mention Girl Gone Healthy that would be helpful too)
Easy right?! So from here I just need you guys to share this info with anyone that you think would want to participate. The more we have the more cards we can send and receive. This will be a wonderful way to reach out and make new friends! Hopefully Ellen will catch wind of our amazing chain and want in on our positive weight loss fun!
So send me YOUR mailing address and don’t forget to spread the word! Email me your mailing address at:

Easy, right?! I think it will be fun on so many levels. Everyone LOVES good mail right?! I hope to receive tons more addresses so we can get this going.

I shall leave you tonight with an awesome Cranberry Trifle recipe I concocted for RI Mag! It is soooooooooooooooo good! Very indulgent though, great idea for holiday parties. Trust me you’ll eat the whole thing if you leave it in your fridge!

Girl Gone Healthy Cranberry Trifle:

You Will Need:

-2  store bought sugar free Angel Food cakes

-2  12 oz packages fresh cranberries

-1  8oz container fat free cream cheese

-1  8oz container mascarpone cheese

-2  small containers fat free whipped topping

-2  cups Stevia/Splenda (or sugar if you aren’t concerned with the healthy alternatives)

-2  cups cold water

-1  small package walnuts



Begin by combining cold water, Stevia/Splenda/or sugar, and cranberries in a large pot. Stirring often, bring cranberry mixture to rapid boil allowing the cranberries to actually burst open. Continually stir the mixture as it will just slightly thicken, or become like a glaze. Set aside and allow to cool.

Next, remove Angel Food cakes from their containers and slice them into large chunks. Make sure the chunks are large enough to cover the bottom of your Trifle dish and serve as layers throughout.

For your layers, mix package of cream cheese and one container of whipped topping using electric mixer. Continue to do the same, in separate bowl, with the marscapone and second container of whipped topping. (Cook’s Note: be sure to mix both until smooth and creamy, which will make for easier layering)

To assemble the Trifle:

Begin with a layer of Angel Food Cake on the bottom of the dish, next spoon cranberry mixture over the top making sure all of the cake is covered. Place another layer of Angel Food Cake on top of the cranberry mixture, topping that with the cream cheese mixture. Your next layer is yet again Angel Food cake and spoonfuls of cranberry mixture-again making sure that all of the cake is covered. Another layer of Angel Food cake this time topped with the mascarpone mixture. Lastly sprinkle your walnuts on top and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving to ensure layers can set properly. (Cook’s Note: the longer  you allow the Trifle to sit in the refrigerator the better!)

Now if that doesn’t give you Sweet Dreams I don’t know what will!

GO CELTICS!! (and goodnight)

P.S. SPIN tomorrow 9:30am with Lea at Fit World!

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2 thoughts on “Day 66-Wellsphere Awards”

  • Here’s what I said when I voted in case anyone wants to say the same thing: GirlGoneHealthy knows how to spur people into action with her creative ideas for spreading love and support. She is sponsoring a card-writing campaign where people write 5 cards to friends offering encouragement. The people receiving the cards then each write out 5 cards and send them. Brilliant idea!
    Excellent job of spreading love all over the planet. You go Girl!

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