Day 62- Q & A

Good Evening!

Tonight we are going to jump right in to one of my favorite types of Girl Gone Healthy posts! I’m doing a Q & A post.

Last night on Twitter I hit over 500 Followers, super excited, and I thought with all of these lovely new friends following GGH we should make the post all about YOU. you all came up with some really great questions, and fortunately I have experienced each and every challenge you are all questioning. This is gonna be fun!

Grab a cup of something tasty, we know what I have (Starbucks Organic Chai Tea w/ 2 Stevia In The Raw packets and a splash of Lt Vanilla Soy Milk to make it a latte in a giant mug-EXTRORDINARY), cozy up with a blanket and let’s have a girls chat GGH style!

Q: vandallbanshee Exercising when sick…when to do it, when do you rest?

A: This is always a sticky situation. If you aren’t running a fever and can breathe through your nose I think it’s perfectly fine to take a walk around the neighborhood, or if the weather doesn’t permit outdoor work outs doing some light indoor weight and resistance work is great. HOWEVER, if you are congested or running a fever exercise is a NO NO. You have to allow your body to get well or you’ll be sick longer. Plus if you are going to the gym in this state you are just spreading the germs and germs, like karma, will eventually come back to get ya. You know your body, if you feel like doing some sit up’s-do them, if you feel like going for a walk-go, just listen when your body says stop. Great question!

Q: mabryant888 How  do you NOT feel anxious about starting at a gym. Where to go, what to do first. I think the gym intimidates people.

A: Oh the gym……yes the gym is EXTREMLY intimidating. All of the machines and weights and huge muscle men and skinny mini’s running around. Your first thought is that they are ALL looking at YOU. They are ALL watching YOU try to learn how to run on the treadmill, and you are sweating profusely and huffing and you’re pretty sure they are ALL waiting for YOU to vomit. Does this sound remotely familiar? Have these very thoughts/fears kept you out of the gym?
I’m willing to be bold and say yes they have. I’m saying that because that’s how I felt. Even though Fit World is the most AMAZING gym and I have lost 100 pounds I still feel like EVERYONE is watching ME. Guess what…..they aren’t! All of those muscle guys are more concerned with how THEY look not you. You may think they are looking at you in the mirror but trust me they aren’t…..they are looking at THEMSELVES. All of those people in really great shape that intimidate you are there to work out and focus on themselves. We should take a lesson and do the same. Once I realized that no one was watching me run, trust me I look around, my work outs improved. I go to work out for ME, to make ME healthy, to look good for ME…..that’s my selfish time. As far as where to go you should do your homework. Call around, get rates, ask if they conduct tours. If they take the time to answer every question you have with out sounding like they are rushing you, go check them out. 9 times out of 10 you will love it. Find a gym that has MOST of the amenities you are looking for. Unfortunately finding a gym with 10 out of 10 amenities is rare, so it’s OK to focus on what you know you really need. When it comes to where you should start, this again goes into the gym’s customer service. Ask the front desk staff if there is a trainer than can give you a quick over view of the equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask someone how to turn something on or position something. Making friends at the gym is great, you already have one thing in common….the machine you are working out on! Use the gym as your outlet, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Besides, you’ll never see a change if you keep doing the same things. Hope this helped!!!!

Q: LicaRenee How about eating healthy on the run. For those of us that don’t have time to cook healthy.

A: If you are an avid GGH reader you know I’m making a face about the last part of this question. Everyone has time cook! You have to MAKE time. This is a lifestyle change which means that everything has to change. When I say everyone has time to cook I’m not implying that you have time to make a 6 course meal…..HECK I don’t have time for that ;). What I mean is you have time to pop a large casserole dish filled with chicken cutlets that have basic seasonings (sea salt, pepper, maybe Italian seasoning) to cook away  for 40 minutes while you shower, do home work, wrangle the kids etc….That large dish of cutlets can easily be transformed into a nice quick dinner and lunch the next day. Slap a steam in bag of veggies into the micro and serve that up with 3 to 4 cutlets for dinner. Lunch the next day, spinach salad with Parmesan cheese sprinkles Wishbone salad spritzer your choice of flavor and another few pieces of chicken. Dinner the next night, boil up some wheat pasta serve yourself 1 cup with some of the chicken diced up and toss everything with Parmesan cheese sprinkles and a table spoon of EVOO. The choices for a quick meal are endless. I have said this before: if you have time to wait for a burger in the drive thru, you have time to find a supermarket with a salad bar! Skip the fast food and hit a Subway if you have to. Always have healthy snacks on hand to get you out of a pinch. Thank goodness for the 100 calorie pack…..USE THEM! I hope this helps ya out, thanks for the question…..we visit this one a lot ;).

Q: CindyheartsJon How about fun ways to exercise when out of the gym? Especially for those of us with bad knees.

A: So many ways! Grab a resistance band and a DVD that looks fun to you, or just practice doing strengthening reps. Also the cardio balls! You can do sit ups, leg raises, work inner thighs, so many things. There are some balls that even come with DVD’s. I also encourage you guys with bad knees, ankles, backs etc….to WALK! I have an ACL that has been torn for over 10 years and I started running on it when I was still over 220 pounds……it can be done. Did I run far? NO but I ran. I still have to stop and walk on the tready and yes my knee is sore afterward but it’s better every time. (Plus Icy Hot PM is a dream, as is the roll on! Stock up!) I encourage you to Google different exercises so that you can actually have a visual, or try You Tube. Plus, your gym may have a trainer that can give you a re-hab work out or ideas. Thanks for the question!!!!

Q: a_knightsdamsel How to keep to your routine and plan on the weekends when your social life comes into play!

A: Oh life! This is where how badly YOU want this comes into play. As most of you know I am a mom to a toddler and an extreme planner/organizer…..however, life with my little man doesn’t always mean that I get to stick to my schedule. You have to learn to be flexible but not breakable. If you know you are going out for a “party” weekend, you need to work out hard the days prior. When the hub and I have date night I do a killer cardio/weights work out and try to burn at least 500 calories minimum. I know that drinks and dinner will not be something that I would normally make and that’s OK, my body has been prepped and can handle the extra calories. as I have said before when dining out stick to 1 alcoholic beverage-the more ya drink the more ya eat, no appetizers/bread-you’ll fill up on empty carbs, order something grilled, baked, poached NEVER fried or breaded. Even a spontaneous dinner can be saved and made healthy just by remembering a few quick tips. If it’s a family gathering you’re attending, don’t be afraid to pass on foods that you know aren’t good for you. Be proud to tell people that you are making a healthy life style change. Load up on fresh veggies, salads, etc…I think it’s important to be “good” during the week so that you may branch out on the weekend. Take the day off from the gym, just don’t pig out. And I will close with this, if you fall off the wagon, which you will, it’s OK! Stick out your thumb and hitch a ride back on….I’ll always be there to pick you up ;).

Whew….are you tired of reading yet LOL?! That was fun and I hope that you guys find it informative and helpful. I never mean to be condescending or mean, please know that. I have been where you are or where you may have been. I say all the time, and the hubby can vouch, if I can do this anyone can….because I LOVE food. Like I LOVE food. You can do this, you are worth it, and don’t let anyone tell ya different ;)!

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    Have a great night! I have to get some rest…..I have Kick N Shred with Lea at Fit World tomorrow morning! Night Night!


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