Day 61-Takin’ Care Of Business

Good Evening!

How are all of my friends this evening? I hope you are all wonderful and doing something that you LOVE.

I was probably the MOST productive gal in the entire world today…..OK OK that’s being a tad bold, but seriously I was like Elvis….Takin Care Of Business. (GGH Note: I am OBSESSED with Elvis Presley…..and Marilyn Monroe LOVE them!!!)


Ok anyway…..Ya learn something new every time ya log on ;).

Ok back to how productive I was today. I was happy that Zachary slept until 7:30am but not so happy that I had been up since 3:30am. I absolutely could NOT get back to sleep or get comfy. I was totally ready to spend the whole day being lazy and napping when ever I could, and then I thought “oh no you’re not”! I fed Mr. Zachary breakfast and settled him in the living room with tons of toys and Finding Nemo. Thank you Disney Pixar I heart you, and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only Mommy out there who allows your wonderful movies to be a “baby sitter” for my toddler so that I may clean my entire house top to bottom and everywhere in between. Cheers to you Finding Nemo!

I was all over my house today! Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, throwing in 3 loads of laundry, and swiffering….my obsession when it comes to cleaning. I scrubbed the toilet, the stove, and the sink…..all with different scrubbers, I promise ;)!

Anyhow it only took me an hour (again thank you Nemo) and then I cleaned myself up, got Zachary dressed and hit Target by 11am! WOOOOOOOOO I was on FIRE. I love turning a potentially “bad day” into a FABU day. We purchased all of our goodies from Target and I rewarded myself for a wonderful morning with a Pumpkin Spice coffee. I always order my coffee black and bring it home to jazz it up. Today’s was a medium iced Pumpkin Spice with 3 Stevia In The Raw Packets and a splash of Light Vanilla Soy Milk, just to make it pretty. I sipped on it lovingly and made Zac a nice lunch and then put him down for a nap. I really wanted to lay down and nap while he did but I refrained! I folded laundry, did some paper work, and answered emails. After what I’m sure was a delicious 2 hour nap Zachary woke up and was ready to go. We had a quick snack and ventured out yet again. This time we hit Christmas Tree Shop and AC Moore for craft supplies! I was feeling Martha Stewart-ish this afternoon so I decided to make home made cinnamon spice scented pine cones for our front entry room. It was sooooooo easy and they smell yummy. I posted a picture below, but unfortunately I don’t think it will be that great because you can’t smell them :(. I also took some pretty Fall pictures of my back yard and along the high way for my non-Fall readers. I LOVE Texas but Fall in New England is the best! Enjoy the pics!

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    Sleep well friends, and as always THANK YOU!

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