It’s Tuesday Night!

A.K.A Biggest Loser night and if you aren’t watching it….OMGosh!!!! Big things happening, I wont spoil it but I’m pretty sure if this goes like we all want it to KARMA is comin’!!!


So it’s Day 6 of your Challenge and you guys are rockin’ it out! I’m receiving some great emails, Tweets and Facebook messages. I’m like a proud mama! Since you guys are doing so awesome I wanted to have a little contest! Many of you write to me about a Sweet Tooth and how hard it is to curb the craving. So I have a special prize that I think is super “sweet”! Wanna know the prize?!!! Drum rolllllllll…….dadadadadadedededededeedadadadadada…the winner will win a Stevia In The Raw goodie box filled with Stevia samples, coupons, and recipes!

This product is SENSATIONAL!!!! It is 0 calories!!!! That’s right ZERO!!!! You can use it in tons of ways and I’m so happy to be affiliated with Stevia! Our friends at Stevia wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal for the Holiday Challenge!

So how can you win this super sweet prize? Simple! Just email me at or comment below your favorite Sweet Treat and how you will creatively use Stevia In The Raw to modify that desert!!! The most creative and ORIGINAL recipe will win! The contest starts NOW and you have until Friday morning to come up with your dessert! Best of Luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Ok so now I want to talk about the AMAZING class that I took today, ZUMBA!! I totally have a new obsession!!! I love love love it. As a dancer it was probably the BEST class ever, but even the other Fit World members who weren’t coming from a dance back ground were totally loving it. It’s so fun to shake your hips, sweat and feel super sexy all at once. Not to mention Bernie, our instructor, is incredible and so full of energy. We did 40 minutes of intense salsa/latin dancing and then ended with a bicep/tricep work out followed by a cool down. So great. I will most definitely be attending next week! Come join me and dance your way into a sculpted core!

On top of an amazing class at Fit World my hubby sent me to the salon for some me time! I made an appointment with a friend who I had lost touch with and surprised her by coming in. It was sooooo fun to catch up, drink wine and get my hair done by someone who knows exactly what I LOVE. She gave me an incredible haircut, all over color and a few foils in what I like to call butterscotch. LOVE IT!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! I will be doing cardio tomorrow at Fit World, if you are there pop by and say hello!! I can’t wait to see your entries for the contest, make them YUMMY!!

Good Night!

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