Day 49-Foundation


I’m overly excited that it is Sunday because I can’t wait until Monday! You may ask yourself “now why in the world would Tera be excited about Monday? No one likes Monday!” Well this particular Monday I have been looking forward to for months. Not only is it Columbus Day, thanks Chris for discovering America and what not, but it is also the last day of the Scituate Art Festival and a huge family fun day!!! These past family fun days have not turned out as planned but by George this one is going to. For you non Rhode Islander’s the Scituate Art Festival is a huge Fall festival complete with all of my fave things! Kettle corn, apple cider, roasted almonds, beautiful hand made arts and crafts, just treasures galore! I love the dried hydrangea lady and I plan to hit her booth pretty hard as well as the Tea Cozy Stand so if you’ve heard of GGH and are reading this you should replenish your stock by tomorrow LOL. I hope it’s amazing. We were unable to go last year, it rained all weekend and Zachary was only 9 months old so I wasn’t to hip into him being in the freezing rain just so I could by tea and popcorn LOL. But there is not a drop of rain fore casted tomorrow but it’s going to only be a high of 58…brrrrrr. I feel the Ugg boots making an appearance for the first time this year.

Anyway…’ll be hearing all about that tomorrow!

So Happy Day 4 of our GGH Holiday Challenge! I was thinking that most of you are doing this Challenge to look hot for an office/company party, and in thinking that I was wondering if you picked out what you wanted to wear. Sometimes if you have a visual of yourself wearing something special and looking really great in it the motivation intensifies. So I encourage you to shop in a new store see what’s out there. Buzz around on line and check out sites that you might not have looked at before. The hardest but the best part of my journey clothes wise is stepping out of the box. I have dressed to hide my body for so many years that it’s difficult shopping in a new section or in a whole new store. I still find myself holding on to those clothes that are a size to big and then i find myself putting them on and my husband saying what the hell are you wearing LOL. When you work hard to look good you should show it off right?! So find that special item for the Holidays, and use it as another form of motivation. Let me know what you come up with and if this works for you.

And, while we are on the subject of clothes…..It has been brought to my attention that I need to address proper work out attire and make suggestions to my curvy gals on where to purchase comfy items. So I shall run down a list below and do with it what you will!!

Pants- Probably the one item that I am super picky on. They need to be fitting so I can move but not so tight that you know what I look like naked, if you know what I’m saying. I personally LOVE the Old Navy “Take A Long Walk” yoga pant. They have a nice waist band and no fold, why do I need an extra 2 inches of fabric folded down to make my stomach look even pudgier? Doesn’t make sense! But these don’t have that they have a regular waist/flat front band. They also have POCKETS! This is great because I can stow my iPhone in my pocket when I lift weights and still listen to my tunes. Plus they wash well, breathe well, and don’t shrink in length. At my Old Navy they are $19.99!

Shoes- I’m a Nike gal! Always have been. I use the DartIV super comfy and I can run, kick box, train with Paula K, or wear them with my jeans. I love versatile products because as much as I love to shop, I love to shop for items with multi use and functionality. I also like the Nike Shox which I will be purchasing a new pair come February before I run my first 5K in March. If you are a runner or are training to run these are super comfy.

Sports Bra- One word, DANSKIN!!! I have been a dancer since I could walk and Danskin products are by far the BEST. The bras are comfy, not tight, they breathe and allow you to sweat at the same time. Nice and supportive too. You can find them at Walmart and Target and they have under wire, no under wire, racer back etc….they make something for everyone.

It is so important to have comfortable and well fitting foundation garments for work out sessions. And when I say foundation I don’t mean your Granny’s girdle! I mean the items listed above, that is the holy trinity of working out. Shirts and socks are pretty much whatever, you can’t really go wrong. If you have a fave work out item let me know and I will post your suggestion!! Oh and please let me know what sort of Girl Gone Healthy merchandise you would like to see/purchase. I received some great feedback last night but we need MORE! Also price ranges and if you would pay to pre-order etc etc just let me know what YOU want!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday afternoon! Keep filling me in on your daily progress, you guys are doing so AWESOME!

One last thing…..Big Shout Out to my GGH Fit World ladies!!! You guys Kicked it today in class!!!! Big WOOOOOOO to Amy & Lynne!

See ya tonight!!!



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