Day 48-5 Alarm Fire

Happy Saturday!

Ok ok I know what you guys wanna hear……JORDAN KNIGHT IS BACK ON TWITTER! Yes, Mr.Knight Tweeted for the first time since September 16th about an hour ago and the Block Heads/Blockettes are going CRAZY! Twitter hasn’t moved this slow since Donnie Wahlberg (D Dub) changed hump day to HUMP DAY. Un-real the devotion you guys have, I LOVE IT!!!

And to you Mr.Knight, Thank You for your love and support. Your 1 little Tweet has turned the fire I started in GGH Nation into a full on 5 Alarm Fire! I have new Challengers and some of the Challengers are even more fired up and pledging all new goals! Amazing, just amazing.

So GGH Nation, let’s tell JK what our Challenge is about and get him to stand behind us! Tweet about the Challenge and let him know that he’s part of your motivation!!! Keep that fire going! 76 days until December 25th for my Christmas GGH’ers! So figure you have about 60 to 70 days until those company/office Holiday Parties begin rolling around….GET CRACKIN”!

 I couldn’t resist LOL

I did visit Fit World today, but I didn’t train! I wanted to but I have really been goin at it for about 10 days straight now and my body is saying NO! I actually listened LOL. But I did go in to enjoy the amazing new tanning facility-crispy goodness! I had to wait a few minutes and as I sat on the couch watching the members work out, sweat, and just go for it I was reminded why I teamed up with this amazing company. Fit World is all about helping it’s members become the best they can be. Fit World strives to make your experience a wonderful one and to be a place where you know with out a doubt that your goals will be met. The drive and commitment they set forth to be “The Best Part Of Our Member’s Day, EVERYDAY” is not just a slogan or catchy advertising phrase, it’s their Mission! The team at Fit World wants to help you make your dreams come true! Whether you need to build muscle, tone up, maintain, or make a lifestyle change WE are here! Come join us of you are in the Rhode Island area, it will change the way you think about “going to the gym”.

On tap for calories here at GGH home base:

Pumpkin Spice Coffee: 60 cals

Zone Perfect Banana Nut Bar: 200 cals

On my way to make lunch and I have no idea what that will be as of yet. I’m not in the mood for anything in particular.

I hope you guys all continue to have an amazing Day 3 and keep that blaze a glow knowing that Mr. Jordan Knight is back. For those of you GGH’ers who are not one of my Tweeps or Block Head fans you should get a Twitter account and get to know some of these ladies. They are an ARMY and super supportive. They will help you along the way in your journey and they inspire me daily. Thank you to all of GGH Nation, I’m so proud to have so much love. Keep filling me in on your calories, work outs/activities, and as always RECIPES!!! I love when you guys share what you eat/cook and I love to post it here and share it with the WORLD! Literally the WORLD! I’m so proud to have reader’s in Canada, Spain, New Zealand, France, Paris, UK, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Sweden….that’s insane!!!!! I’m like Epcot LOL. (Side Note- I worked for Walt Disney World so being the Epcot of the health bloggers is so special to me).

Have a great day! See You tonight!



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