Day 47-It’s Spreading

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Day 2 of the GGH Holiday Challenge! How are you all doing with it? What are you eating? What’s going on for training/work outs? I’m excited to report that we have more Challengers joining us! If you have any friends and family that would like to jump on the band wagon send them my way. If Ellen hasn’t heard of me yet then she will just have to hear about US, GGH Nation!!!!

Our Newest Challengers! Applaud them and give them a big GGH Welcome! Newbies, your support starts NOW!

Andie-Austria: Loose 10 pounds and exercising at least 4 times a week

Ashley M.-FL: Running 4 days a week, keep eating healthy, get into a HOT dress for work Holiday Party

Go ahead girls do it up!!!

Again, if you would like your name and goal posted please email me or Tweet me. And keep spreading the word and the FIRE!

So as for me and my Day 2 news:

Breakfast pre-Fit World: Zone Perfect Banana Nut Bar-200 cals

Lunch: Arnold’s Flatbread w/Tuna and Cheese alongside 4 grapes-300 cals

Tons of water already and a Powerade Zero in Strawberry after my work out.

Training: 2 miles on treadmill, light weights, and ab work…oh and I was able to TAN today!!! WOOOOOO

Good morning here at GGH Headquarters! Have you guys been by to see the GORGEOUS new Fit World? It has been my pleasure to meet so many of you and see your excitement in working out in a state of the art facility. Working out there in such a beautiful clean environment makes all the difference. I have never enjoyed going to the “gym” but I really look forward to it each and every time. Go take advantage of the still low pricing! $30 a month, INSANE right?! Classes, free training sessions upon sign up, saunas, amazing locker rooms so clean you could eat lunch in there…..NO SERIOUSLY. Go by for a tour and tell them GGH sent ya!

My little guy is waking up from his nap so I’m signing off for now.


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