Day 46- Holiday Challenge

Good Afternoon GGH Nation!

You guys are AWESOME!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of YOUR life. Are you ready? I’m holding you all accountable to the amazing pledges you have made. Some of you have emailed me privately and asked for me not to share your goal and that’s OK. I just ask that if you are one of those people you communicate with me often and let me know if you feel like you’re slipping. Announcing your goal and having tons of support and accountability is the KEY to weight loss success. I was a pain in the butt, and I still am, about my desire to lose weight. The more I talked about it the more people that knew about it made me want to really do it. I hate the feeling of saying I can do something in front of several people and then failing. Failure is not an option here, YOU CAN DO THIS.

So here’s how it works! You set the goal and I have given you the tools to set you up for success. What you do with the tools is up to you. There are plenty of recipes and fitness tips here on GGH and more are always being added. I want you guys to connect with each other, support each other and get as many people changing their lives as possible. Imagine how amazing it would feel to not only better yourself but help someone better themselves as well. Below are just a few of the names of people who want to boldly state that they are taking on this Challenge. Support and love starts NOW!

Laura-TX: Need to lose weight, get strong, and limber. Age bites but I want to do what I can to slow it down.

Cyndi-RI: Down 25 pounds by Christmas

Lynne-RI: I’m definitely in the Challenge!! My goal is to go to Fit World at least 5 times each week. I know I can do it!!!! 

Mandy-United Kingdom: Lifestyle makeover get fit and healthy! Start a new chapter in my life!

Sandy-TX: New life here I come! Using GGH’s healthy tools to stop being the “chubby one”! GO GIRL!!!!

Erin-New England:  Along w/ my healthy eating, I am COMMITTING to no coffee, no soda (in case you didn’t hear that noise, it was the sound of my HEART BREAKING!;)) AND exercise at least 4x/ week.  It’s a start!

Jennifer-TX: Keep running a mile every morning! Stronger, faster, thinner!

Brandy-TX: Down 15 pounds by Christmas

Amy-RI: I am keeping my membership active & planning to do 1 weekday class & 2 weekend classes.

Andrea-KY: My goal is to increase my physical activity to 1 hr. per day & lose 45 lbs. by Christmas Time.

Heather-CT: Down to 170lbs

Susan-PA: 20 lbs by Christmas! YOU CAN SWING 20 Susan, look at the support!!!-Tera

Nicole-USA: 30 lbs overall-DONE and GONE

Glam Greek-I’m in and I will do what I can!

Rebecca-15 pounds by Christmas

Diana-Chicago: 10 pounds

Nathalie-Chicago: Eat more fruits and veggies

Abby-NC: 10 pounds and keep doing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred

Denise-OH: 85  pounds overall, 10 to 15 by the Holidays

Angie: 20 pounds

Elizabeth-VA: I’m trying to walk out the door right now, but YES, I will be doing the GGH Holiday Challenge with enthusiasm!

Loren-TN: YES!! I am doing Turbo Jam and loving it! I WILL lose 20lbs by Christmas!! (if not more)

Sasha-Chicago: I’m in!

Gayle-Canada: Will be aiming for 20 to 25 lbs… feeling that it is very “do-able” want to challenge myself.. and make it realistic!

Evelyn-Canada: 20 pounds!!!!

Vicki-Canada: I’m in, no more MONDAY’S for me!

If you’d like your name to be posted let me know and I will add you. Keep the list growing and check in with me often. This is do-able friends and you guys are awesome by setting realistic goals.

I hope that by reading other names and goals it inspires you to step up and light the fire. Once you commit you can’t quit, I won’t let you.

If I can do this ANYONE can I LOVE food! I’m so proud of all of you for taking this on and I can’t wait to see how AMAZING you all look come December.

Have a wonderful day and email me anytime:

See you tonight…..I’ll fill you in on SPIN!!!

Now go snack healthy and work out!!!


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