Day 46-Fuel To The Fire

Well well well…….

I think we should all stand up and applaud for the end of Day 1 and the incredible progress that was made! You guys are running full force to get what you want and I love it. I’m going to post some of the amazing comments I received today in hopes that it fuels your fire. Most of you have admitted that by me putting what you say out there makes you actually want to do it……YES!!! You are getting it! By seeing your progress and the encouragement it makes you work harder, and seeing your fellow Challenger’s progress makes you proud to be a part of something INCREDIBLE!!! Check out today’s FUEL!!!

angela meloneangmelone16 I had a low fat muffin for breakfast and salad with grilled chicken for lunch and water with cucumbers better than lemon

  • Abby Cavenaughabs1399Hey, thanks for the RT! I did do it up!!! Eating a salad and drinking water for dinner. Only had one soda today. Woot!


  • Nathalie MMissNathVintageLunch time local menu Bologna sandwich(life lite)W/veganise(mayo),applesauce,hot&spicy peanuts, trail mix & diet coke.

  • Amy Kuiawavandallbanshee Did it-it wasn’t pretty or very long,but it was street RUNNING w/leaves crunching and cool air burning my lungs.Felt Great!

  • Amy Kuiawavandallbanshee Going for my first street run since police academy days TEN years ago-excited but a little scared too…it’s already dark!

  • Rebecca WadeRebeccaSD Writing down EVERYTHING! Tracking calories, water.

  • Abby Cavenaughabs1399I had a discouraging dr visit re-my thyroid (gained weight 🙁 ) but I’m using it as motivation 2 kick ass in my workout!

  • zena deleonzenadl On my liquid diet-in a few days will get to do my protein shakes!-Recovering from surgery and still doing the challenge-LOVE IT!!! 

  • ElizabethjordansVA_lover Cornflakes w/ a grapefruit for breakfast. A salad for lunch w/ a granola bar and lemon water.

  • Susan ShillingsmshillingI walked/jogged for 40 minutes at lunch. I’m going to pick up the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred tonight at walmart.


  • HeatherDDubSoxGirl I’m on it!! Oats and oat bran, blueberries, strawberries, turkey wrap, apple, almonds, later….salmon later.

  • Abby Cavenaughabs1399 Today I started doing calorie counts on what I eat. I’ll also do my workout after work. Gotta bring it!!!! 10 lbs to lose!
  • YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that doesn’t make my heart sing I don’t know what does! Not to mention all of your amazing emails letting me know that you’re doing this for your kids and putting you heart out there. I have cried so many times today reading your emails. You are all why I do this and I love that so many of you are taking it to heart.

    Keep fueling the fire!!!

    Like the artsy flames I found? Very girlie right LOL.

    Oh by the way if you have husband’s, boyfriends, brother’s, guy friend’s etc doing this Challenge let me know, and let me know their goal! Mr.GGH is participating!!! He gets to have a + sign in front of his goal….go ahead say your comments I don’t think it’s fair either, but I LOVE that he’s doing it! He pledges to have put on 5 pounds of muscle by Christmas. I’m gonna wake up to Arnold for goodness sakes LOL!

    LOL! And he in turn will be waking up to Kim Kardashian, pre six pack and crazy blond hair LOL!

    Now that’s a HOTTT Holiday huh?!

    Ok so let’s quickly discuss Spin Class. One word, INSANE! It was so tough, so sweaty, so tough, so sweaty LOL. It really was fun and an awesome work out. Lea took it somewhat easy on us but if that was easy I’m not ready for hard. My advice to anyone wanting to try Spin, and my sister in law who is Spin obsessed would agree, work on your cardio and get your endurance built up. The hardest part for me was pushing on the higher gears, my breath and everything was good but legs were shaky and I run 5 to 6 days a week. So be prepared, and bring tons of water….you will need it!

    So who wants a yummy recipe?!

    On tonight’s menu: Spicy Mexican Stoup (makes tons, so you have leftovers for lunches and quick dinner’s)

    -1 box low sodium Progresso Chicken Broth

    -2 packages Taco seasoning (1 spicy, 1 mild)

    -1 cup whole wheat pasta (we used shells)

    -2 bags Morning Star Farms Chicken Strips

    -1 can of corn, drained and rinsed

    -1 can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed

    -2 cans (or 1 large) of Rotel chiles and tomato

    You’re gonna love this cooking method!!!

    In a large pot…..dump everything in, stir and allow contents to come to rolling boil. Allow to boil for about 10 minutes stirring often. Bring temperature down to simmer and allow to thicken. Once pasta is tender your stoup is ready to eat! Ladle up, top with cheese and garnish with tortilla strips! YUMMY


    So spicy and so yummy!

    So I’m off now to continue going through your awesome emails and have a nice Chai Tea Latte in my new mug from my mama in law!


    Say hello to Ma Dukes! She pledged to lose 25 pounds by Christmas!!! She wants to be a Hot Nana LOL.


    Pretty huh?! She found one with Sunflowers because Zachary and I have a Sunflower “garden” and now that it’s getting colder the flowers are dying. So with my mug I will have my little man and my Sunflowers all Fall/Winter long! YAY

    I hope you all have a great night. Sweet Dreams and rest up for Day 2!


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