Day 44-Light The Fire

It’s days like today that show me why I have to keep Girl Gone Healthy going.

The over flow of emails today in regards to the Calorie Count Challenge, the awesome weight loss numbers put up this week, and tons of re-commitments to a new lifestyle……YES that’s what GGH is about.

So here is my proposition or my Challenge to all of you. You can jump on this and know that you have the support of not only myself but the support of the hundred’s of readers that visit Girl Gone Healthy daily.

Starting tomorrow Thursday October 8th, 2009 the First Annual Girl Gone Healthy Lookin’ Fine By Christmas Time Challenge begins. If you don’t celebrate Christmas it’s OK, I’m clever so you can begin the First Annual Girl Gone Healthy Hot for the Holidays Challenge. NO EXCUSES! If you are SERIOUS about the emails and comments you sent to me then email me your acceptance to begin this Challenge THURSDAY MORNING! I’m giving you 24 hours to stock the fridge and pantry, get snacks in order, plan meals etc. Girl Gone Healthy has tons of recipes, use them, need help ask me, don’t have a gym to go to….not an excuse! I lost over half my weight before I joined Fit World! Take the stairs, go for a walk, play with your kids, don’t drink soda….you’ve heard me say it all before now put it to work for YOU! You are worth looking SPECTACULAR for your Holiday affairs. YOU can do this and I’m here to help you through it. Below are just a few comments, pledges, and inspiring comments from this afternoon!

Braveheart133  I am trying to walk an hour a day which equal about 3miles I now can walk 3miles anywhere from 40-60 minutes.

vickiscott Please light that fire under my a$$!!!!!! I NEED IT!!! So tired of “starting Monday”!-LET”S HELP HER 🙂

denisemminger My fire is Jordan Knight…going on a cruise in May…meeting NKOTB after 20+ years of waiting…I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me!

abs1399 My challenge for today is to do level 3 of Jillian Michaels’ 30-day shred without feeling like I’ve been run over! LOL. AND….I did it! Level 3 of 30-day shred…. it kicked my a$$!!! But that’s what it’s supposed 2 do, right? Thanks @GirlGoneHealthy 4 extra motivation! Fire is lit!!!! Just gotta keep it burning. 😉 Last Christmas was when I realized I gained 15 lbs… can’t have that again!

jordansVA_lover My goal is to keep walking every morning, even though it’s very cold. Thanks for the inspiration.

mandi2009 Getting back to the gym I want to I need to I cant wait to! Just as I was feeling down, a mom at my son’s school tells me how good I am looking!! I needed that.

CDN_Boxer_Girl One step ahead of you ;).Started yesterday! May not seem like much, but my 2 YR old extra 15 lbs of post pregnancy weight HAS TO GO!!!

These are just a few of the pledges, wishes, and commitments. I will be waiting and watching for yours! Please let me know by TOMORROW night at 6PM if you are committing. I will post every one’s name and their goal. We will keep each other accountable and who knows you may find someone who lives near you!!! NETWORKING friends and there is strength in numbers! I’m soooooo pumped!

I’m off to finish watching Biggest Loser and I will leave you with this:


So lace up those sneakers and let’s do it!

Have a great night!!!


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